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    Pre Valentine Love

    I love art. You can look at a painting and see something different from what the painter paints.

    Infact twenty people can look at a painting and see twenty different things. So is words. It always mean different things.

    When Keri Hilson sang that song, she meant something else and I here it and it means something else to me right now

    This Love is taking all of my energy

    I can bet if I told people, they will think they know what I am talking off but they won’t. This is art and I am a player in it

    but still

    This love is taking all of my energy

    The Valentine thing is hitting just like the harmattan breeze here and the normal is happening.

    Guys flaunting their ATM cards and clothes while the silly girls are fronting. Imagine, you are dateless and some fool wants to spend his money on you and you are still fronting. Will one lunch kill you?

    We were going home yesterday afternoon; Me, a friends and a female friend and this guy shows up and tells the girl he knows her from somewhere. That he would just like to talk to her for a bit(she is a dancer so she is known a lot) she tyrned him down saying she has not seen him before and bla bla bla. When the guy left. She then confessed that she has had dinner with some friends and he was part of the entourage plus she thinks he is cute. Then why did she turn him down? Welcome to a Nigerian Lady’s mind……… Trust me and my bad mouth na.

    I guess that was a pre-val and knowing the circles, I might wanna stay home on the 14 abeg. I don’t wanna over work myself.

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