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    How do you correct a mistake?

    How do you correct a mistake? Admit it.

    Imagine you are walking on a straight road and you suddenly realise that that that road is wrong. What do you do? A lot of us will like to keep walking hoping that it will lead somewhere and we might end up wasting our time and energy.

    I have a better option.

    Do a 180 degree turn and walk back the way you came. Don’t look back, just keep walking until you get to that junction and find the right way.

    We are so proud most times that we don’t believe we could be wrong. Seriously. 

    Most of us just assume that we know people so much and so, we just lay it all out. Not me. Lai lai. I am human, flawed and imperfect. I make mistakes a lot and I am never afraind to admit it and the correction of those mistakes always bite me inside but hell yeah I will survive(or not).

    I wish the world had ended last year jorh. I might be the only one I know with a death wish. Call it curiousity or boredom. Or just say I have some questions I wanna ask on that other side. Like is everyone sleeping?

    How come the bad people walk away and the good ones are left bitting their fingers? Let no one tell me about paradise cos even the Bible says it in Mathew 20:1-……… 

    Do I think the land owner was unfair? No. He had a deal with them workers na. Why dem dey complain

    But verse 15 amazes me most. “don’t I have the right to how I use my money?”

    I might be the only one who finds something wrong with this cos this in effect says God can decide one day that he likes one guy more than the other and he might choose to reward the other one and the second can suffer. 

    Favoritism in high places I call it. But he does have a right na.

    And does it matter if the one he likes more is less faithfull and commited? Hell no. He has a right to who he likes and favors.

    That perhaps explains why you see commited christians suffer and less commited ones just smile around even though you are both christians. Perfecto.

    I have alway asked what Sudan and Somalia did to deserve what they are going through right now. Children starving, people dying and stuff. I went to bed with tears in my eyes these days cos I think of these people and I am sad. Hunger is bad. But being hungry and not knowing where the next meal will come from is horrible.

    Who is man to question God? His logic is undeniable

    So as a result of that, I chill and say thanks for this absolutely flawed life and if there is an escape so I won’t have to watch little kids suffer, let me know. 

    Too much suffering in the world today. Too effing much. 

    The world should end already and let these people’s suffering end.

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