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    How To Get Girls (Girlfriend)

    So after reading “Guy code” as set down as Carlos and Marcus, I decided to go for the next best thing TTOG. Please that’s a short code, dont Google it, TTOG it self is a word in the urban dictionary but not what I mean.

    Ehen so TTOG abi? Some of my UNILAG mad friends were going through it again and oh yeah we got past the whole calling females (in this case not all but a lot) “Fish brains”. Nah they ain’t fish brains, they just think like and act like fishes. It is somehow derogatory but seriously the we found some home truth.

    Okay, how do you catch a fish? You bait a hook and send it down right? I ain’t talking about the casting net yet. Now a fish sees the hook, sees the line but cannot avoid the bait and it thinks it is smart enough to eat around the hook without getting caught (Fatal flaw) that’s when it realizes it is headed for the surface and sure death. That’s how girls are even the seemingly intelligent and religious ones (I hope you realize that by “girls” I mean a huge number and not all right?) well they always love to want to think they are smart enough to go around hooks and never get caught and they can maneuver their way out without a scratch, we know better.

    Another point, the game of women is fishing not hunting. Okay, you can hunt for fish which in this case is a game for special fishes and not the normal ones(the problem is that too many normal girls think they are special). Forget the running after them, all you need is to fish and girls will willingly show up at your door. You know how? Show something around you off. Just throw it around a bit and keep at it. Look some will be fast to call you a jerk or a backside but those ones are the fastest to get caught. “The best way to get a lady’s attention is to pay attention to everything around her except her.” Invoke that natural insecurity among girls that makes them doubt if they are good enough. It is very cool and cheeky and a good way of playing reverse psychology, look you might say only small boys play and you will rather go for a girl but what’s the fun in that? that’s too easy na, it is more fun to play with their minds and heads. Most canivores play with their prey sometimes, enjoy it, dont bother. And when she thinks you are least into her, move in. 

    Okay have you seen a school of fish swim into a fishing net before? The get caught and more still swim into it. It is not like they are silly or gullible, it is fish nature and now, girl nature. Surround yourself with ladies and you will get more ladies. That is a thump card. The think like a fish nature of girls is true and here. No girl wants a guy no other girl wants. Look forget that she says she wants a guy with only her, she still wants others to find you attractive. That is what girls do, it is like a darned competition to them to “have” the one everyone else is interested in and so be envied which is why they continually brag about their man. 

    Oh all these points might be cool and all but one word gets it. Women are curious……. A lot more curious than men. I knew this a long time ago. The most powerful thing to get girls is curiosity. They want to know what it feels like to try something (Fish nature again ) dont make the mistake of putting all your chips down with a lady except you are a mind reader or extremely crazy person like Outlander. So make em curious, invoke this power and that girl will look for you. Her quest to know will be like a drug which will always bring her around and make her keep coming. Now this curiosity they feel is what most girls describe as “attraction” in most cases which they dont know their minds is just ticking them. A dark side which they want to know of is just cool and works like magic.

    Now this leads me to a very important fact “Curiosity has gotten more girls laid than any other thing in history”

    and oh all these won’t work if you have regard for people. For you to apply these, you must have killed the side of you thatwhat empathy and the side that takes pity on others. You must be willing to see girls as a price and not humans. You must be heartless and dark and with each one you take down, you lose another piece of your soul but it is fun.

    Well what else can I say? Have fun people. The funny thing is that a lady will still read this and will fall for the same tactics barely 24 hours later, FISH NATURE

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