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    Don’t date if you are broke

    So I look around and see that men are such cry babies. Like seriously men are beginning to cry more that bereaved women and it is just weird and sad at the same time. Why would you ask a woman out by dangling money in her face and then cry that she is materialistic? You started it na.

    A woman tells you that you are broke and can’t date you and you cry that women are fools. Would you rather she dates you and keeps men outside for money? She just did you a favor moron.

    I must live in another century or dimension but I dont see why a man would hover about a girl who has said no to you in the hope that she will change her mind. What is wrong with these people sef? You asked a girl out, she says no and you still keep going back in the hope that she will change her mind and give you a chance. Abeg I wan laugh small. Brb.

    Okay I am done laughing. Now there is this saying that you dont appreciate things you dont work hard for and hence women tend to elongated the toasting period so as to see if the man is really committed. Wow. The men too have turned to calling women who they dont suffer to get as cheap and sluts, double wow.

    I understand the argument that you can’t just say yes, you will want to know what the guy is about but that’s you can easily tell him you would like to know him better first. You know a couple of chats, dates etc but not when you suddenly say no and expect him to come back.

    Agreed some men are just silly asking a girl out the moment the meet her like say na jazz. Now let me tell you how it is psychologically. A woman says no initially and after you turn to tricks, she changes her mind tells you what kind of woman she is. She is one who is fast to make a decision without thinking and then change her mind later which just tells you she is fickle and soft minded. A real strong and independent woman knows what she wants and even if she can’t decide yet, she tells you the 411 and asks for time. Again this does not go along with a man meeting a girl for the first time and asking her out. A strong woman meets you, meets you again and in those meetings makes her mins and when she gives you an answer, that is the answer she stays true to. Do you people actually have time for women who changes their minds as much as they change undies? And if the no was just a diversion and she already likes you, do you wanna date a deceptive and manipulative woman?

    Now another issue about yes and no. Guys, if a woman says NO while smooching, there is nothing like her body says yes and her mouth says no. It is called molestation and taking advantage of her. Do no go further when she says no, it is a crime. That is one of the reasons a lot of Nigerian men have criminal records outside Nigeria. Just cos she kissed you and allowed your hand down there does not mean she is into sex.

    Ladies, there is no set rules for being you, there is no laid down constitution for you to follow, nowhere was it written that you have to cook for every toad you date so you can look “wife material” you should only do stuff cos you feel like helping out and never because you feel you are obligated.

    Why should you go to your BF’s house, see his dirty laundry and some genetic alarm rings and you suddenly feel like it is your job to wash em. That is your inner slave talking. Problem is are you one? 

    How can you go to someone’s house to clean when the person is perfectly healthy, sane and idle all in the name of being presentable and you wonder why you ain’t respected. Have you ever seen princes respect their slaves?

    Wey should you leave your house to go to another person’s house to go cook for him when he won’t do the same should if the case is reversed? People are the cause of their own misfortune I swear and when this man becomes spoilt and starts lording you, you say he has the right to cos he is your husband.

    I told someone that I can’t date a woman who is not matured enough to know that what she is doing is wrong and hence needs to stop or change her ways. Why should my GF start see her ex, start catching feelings and I should be the one who starts telling her to stay away? Is she 14 years old?

    That is what happens when you are attracted to independent and feisty ones, you see the dependent ladies and wonder how in the world it happens. You wonder what makes things like that go on and on. Well I guess you can call me weird and strange sha.

    Oh I also dont believe in the whole “I am the man of this house ” thingy. I believe both man and woman are partners in the house or relationship and holds equal rights. Lawd knows I can’t survive with a woman who does not have a mind of her own or challenges my decisions so I wonder how men enjoy women who bow down to them.

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