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    He lay dying (A Short Story)

    His invincibility has never been questioned until recently, he had held on to them all with an iron fist and they had all shuddered in fear at the very sound of his breathe. He is the big cahuna, the iron monkey, the Lord comander. Olumagbon; never to be played with. 

    The early harmattan wind eased in through the window opened in the medium sized room. That was the only window in the room and it was rarely opened but today, the shrunken frame of the immortal laid down and could not argue when the maid opened it. His weak state had taken everything out of him and he had locked himself in as he could not allow people see him like this. 

    Outside the door were 5 young men just sitting and awaiting instructions. He might send instructions to any of them and in the preceeding days, they had become few. Rumors were already flying that he would not survive and that was itself a horror. The Pillar dead? Imagine the madness and confusion that will start first over who will take his place and then if everyone will be willing to work with that person. It will even be better if he survives

    The cold grass on the lawn froze as a shillotte breezes over them. The hooded person in black slowly making its way through the grass towards the opened window. The dogs which had been barking went quiet but first whimpered and then disappeared. The figure made its way to the house, got to the window and seconds later, it was in the house without even passing through the window. 

    The Grim was collecting and the iron butterfly was next. The panther was due for a trip to the other side and the grim would come by itself to collect the soul. Then the figure on the bed spoke. 

    “I Know you are there but you can’t take me. Not yet, my work is not done”

    The figure stirred but did not move. It just stood in the room with no light but that reflecting from the huge sickle it carried and did not bother to hide. It seemes more bothered with hiding its face. 

    “I need more time. Time to finish my work, to show the king that I am the pillar; the one who breathes fire and burns down thrones”

    The hooded figure goes back towards the window and disappears. It was not on the lawn or anywhere, just gone. 

    Outside the door, the 5 young men laid motionless. All dead.

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