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    Yoruba Demon (A Short Story)

    Clouds gather over a sunny sky bringing with it the hopes and wishes of thousands of people who have been waiting for the first rain of the year. No umbrellas and no body bothered bringing out their buckets to get rain water the dust in the rusted corrugated roofing sheets made sure no ine tried or even thought of collecting the water. 

    Everyone scampered in the dusty streets and through the already damaged road as a cool breeze blew through the breeze although filled wuth dust was welcomed to all as finally, there will be a relieve from the heat wave that has been predominat for days. 

    A young adult stands in front of his house and looks at his phone, she should be here by now. He had spent about 3 months before convincing her to come visiting and he would be damned if the rain would be the reason she would not come. Although coming over to his house was dangerous for her, for him, it was just another girl. Some rounds of tramadol aided sex and bragging rights. He did not care that she was married. Karma to him was non-existent. 

    What? Married women cheat all the time and this case will just be a statistic even for him, this won’t be his first visit by a married woman heck three days ago, Chidinma his secondary school classmate graced his bed and she has been married for a little over……well memory aint good or useful here but for sure she could not have been married for up to 3 months. Does he care? This sexual urge has to be satisfied. 

    Finally his phone rang and it was her. Before he picked it, he looked in the distance and he saw there was no need to answer, he saw her in the distance looking the same way she looked in her whatsapp pictures. She was wearing a long flowing flowery patterned skirt and a T.shirt. The wind blew and almost blew up the skirt but she held it. 

    The sight of her clutching her phone and holding down her skirt at the same time seemed was so damn sexy he though to himself amd that wicked “Yoruba Demon”grin showed up on his face. He waved in her direction and she hurries towards him. She got to the door and they shook hands casually as he led her inside the house, towards his room and his door.

    The rain was falling like the monsoon took a detour on his way to India. The calm wind had given way for a series of gusts and had some roofs blown away as it hammered down on the dusty South Western Nigerian City and while some people say down in their homes hoping their roof don’t get blown off, praying they don’t have a leak or making sure the wind is not blowing water inside their house, he stood inside a friend’s house. His right fist clutched a machete and he could feel his anger rise and his head boil. The cool temperature brough by the rain did nothing. 

    He is in a friend’s room in the same house his wife just entered a room. The young man who lives there had a reputation of bringing home women and bragging about them to his friend and two days before had dragged to his neighbor and showed him pictures of the woman he was bringing this time. The neighbor recognised her as his best friend’s wife and promptly called him and the set a trap. 

    He was tired of waiting. They have been in there for about 15 minutes and he could hear faint laughter before but bow, all he could hear was a familiar moan. Yes it was time. His friend had gone to work so he was alone in this sinister act and nothing was going to stop him. 

    He quietly exited the room and went next door, took some deep breaths, positioned himself and. Kicked at the door(why knock and give them time to arrange thenselves well?) The door flung opened and he saw himself in a dimly lit room. There, his belived wife, unclad with a young man whose face he could have sworn looked just like Apollo’s.

    He held the machete tightly as the occupants of the bed looked towrds him. She first did not know who it was as she was on some other thrones but seconds later, she recognized that frame, it was her husband standing at the door with a machete and she screamed. The young man jumped off his bed and her scream added to his confusion. 

    He could not believe it even though he was prepared for it. He had his intention, kill em both and send them to Hades but at that point, his strength and confidence left him as his love for her turned misery and he felt the machete slip from his hand. What happened later he could not recall but when he got his senses back, he was walking. He felt the rain on his semi-bald head. The winds hitting him at different angles and his legs strengthened. He was walking down the empty road all alone………home bound. 


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