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    Woli Arole Aims to Set World Record with 5000-Hour Prayer Marathon

    Woli Arole, the popular Nigerian comedian, actor, and on-air personality, has recently revealed his ambitious plan to embark on an extraordinary 5000-hour prayer marathon.

    Bayegun Oluwatoyin, professionally known as Woli Arole, took to his Instagram page to share this exciting announcement with his followers.

    The renowned comedian aims to set a remarkable world record by dedicating an astounding 5000 hours to prayer, equivalent to approximately 208 days.

    However, he has not yet disclosed when this marathon prayer will commence. His ultimate objective is to surpass the Guinness World Record for the longest prayer marathon.

    Following in the footsteps of Chef Hilda Baci, who completed a 100-hour cook-a-thon, Nigerians have become enthralled with the Guinness Book of Records phenomenon. While Hilda Baci’s feat is still pending verification by the GWR, numerous individuals have announced their plans to break records.

    Woli Arole Aims to Set World Record with 5000-Hour Prayer Marathon
    (L) Chef Damilola, Chef Hilda (R)
    One such individual is Damilola Adeparusi, a chef based in Ekiti, who recently embarked on an impressive 120-hour cooking marathon on June 9th.

    As the excitement continues to grow, Nigerians eagerly anticipate witnessing these remarkable achievements and the potential addition of new records to the prestigious Guinness World Records.

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