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Police man Almost Stab Skit-Maker For Dressing As A Woman

Kizzaddy, a popular content creator from Nigeria, recently shared a harrowing encounter with a policeman who confronted him for dressing as a woman during a skit shoot.

Taking to TikTok, Kizzaddy uploaded a video recounting the incident when a police officer approached him on the set. The officer’s reaction to Kizzaddy’s choice of attire was far from favorable.

Upon spotting Kizzaddy in female attire, the security personnel became visibly disturbed. To verify the skit-maker’s gender, he demanded to see Kizzaddy’s bust region, igniting a heated argument between the two.

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Insisting that Kizzaddy remove his clothing if he wished to avoid further trouble, the officer expected compliance. However, Kizzaddy staunchly refused, emphasizing that he was uncomfortable exposing his body in such a manner.

Escalating the confrontation, the police officer menacingly brandished a knife, waving it in the air and causing the comedian to cry out in fear for his safety.

A brief struggle ensued as the policeman attempted to remove the scarf Kizzaddy had used to cover his chest area, intensifying the tension on the set.

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