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    Why I Will Not Be Teaching My Kids Computer And Tech

    As much as I’m deep in tech, I would be more interested in having my kids grow into sports and music.

    I won’t teach them programming, except they display serious interest in it, but from a young age they will be able to play one musical instrument well. Even if na flute.

    At 13 I discovered I had some solid talent in playing wind instruments like the flute and recorder and I really wanted to learn to play the clarinet, but I no see am anywhere. I tried to learn the piano, but e no just work.

    The music they will learn is not afrobeats and hip hop … I mean the making of real music, beats and the mastery of musical instruments.

    Na why I dey hustle to build connections that will get them auditions and trials on the biggest stages.

    I have this strong feeling that 20-30 years from now, we will experience an explosion of music devoid of vocals. Just instruments and hooks.

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