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    Never Use A Facebook Group To Build A Waitlist, Use Email Or WhatsApp Instead


    My sis, my bros
    No ever try am for ya life

    You hear me?

    A few weeks ago, my friend, an Instagram Coach, made a video where she said that putting people in a group because you want to sell to them is a not a good strategy.

    She said nurturing and nurturing people with the hope that they will buy from you is a HOPE STRATEGY and we shouldn’t do it.

    She went on to share the story of how her husband delivered her from that strategy of putting people in a Facebook group, then teaching and teaching them free class and hoping they will buy from you.

    She had done it many times in the past and it didn’t yield good fruits, so she was telling us that nurturing is a wrong strategy.

    Now, let me share my own opinion.

    Nurturing is NOT a wrong strategy.
    Nurturing is the process of getting a customer to Know, Like and Trust you.

    Nurturing is the reason she makes videos everyday on her Instagram page.

    Nurturing is the basis of email marketing.

    Nurturing is everything we are doing on social media to our followers.

    Nurturing is brilliant because less than 1% of sales happen instantly. The remaining 99% of sales are from people we have nurtured

    The problem with her method was not nurturing.
    Her problem was using Facebook groups to waitlist.

    Here’s the problem with Facebook Group Waitlist Strategy.

    1. Facebook Groups have way too many features that cause massive distraction to a regular waitlisting process

    If you want to build a waitlist for anything, use email, Whatsapp or Telegram. Period!

    2. Waitlist must not involve free teaching. This was her 2nd mistake.

    Waitlist however requires constant communication.

    My waitlist is a breathing, moving, talking sales page. It is not a free school.

    Facebook Groups are perfect for building communities where we all talk and share stories.

    But not for waitlisting.

    Many people even join Facebook groups without really understanding the main gist.

    Too many distracting things are going on in there.

    Never use it as a waitlist for something you want people to buy or pay in the future.

    Don’t try it.

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