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    Why Do People Still Buy Rotten Tomatoes?

    Why do people buy rotten vegetables even after all the warnings???

    This is it. I went to relief market the other day to get some tomatoes, peppers etc for my stew but something happened. A woman bought these awarawa tomatoes right before my very korokoro eyes. The woman appeared well to do but that’s not my problem as it could be her choice to eat rotten vegetables. My only concern is that she is blending before me and I feel we are going to be mixing things up. Normally I blend everything at home but for some reason I cannot state here, I decided to try my guy for market(arguably one of the dirtiest thing to do in this life)

    For someone like me, the grinder has to be partly dismantled to be able to flush out debris and residues from the grinder belly and teeth but still, my mind no go touch ground.

    Na for house I blend am las las.

    How do you guys wash these types of vegetables?


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