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    10 Things I Observed From The Beekeeper

    10 things observed from the Movie Produced and starred by Jason Statham titled “The BeeKeeper”.

    Me and my date chose to see this at the cinema yesterday because it was what was showing at the time we wanted to spend together.

    I am a big fan of Statham and would see any Movie he is in.
    I like his no smiling character and his fight scenes gives goosebumps.

    I struggled with his accent sha, and cinema nor dey get subtitles but movie started pretty quickly as they got into the story as early as they could.

    The movie featured a very terrible actress who everyone involved in this production couldn’t even push to be a little more of an actor.
    No emotions whatsoever, she was just there.
    When you watch it, you’d know the Lady I am talking about

    Statham in a scene mentioned he’s been on a 24hours spree of killings but the scenes we’ve seen before that statement dey like wetin don happen for one week
    Another flop.

    Yahoo boys and Fraudsters must see this movie so they can see how they ruin lives when they steal from anyone.
    Some people kill themselves when they lose their live savings to you..
    Maybe Una go fit repent.

    Movie gave us more insight about Bees and the Bee Keeper.

    They portrayed a woman as the US president who was on her private residence which is supposed to be a fortress real life but one man broke into it to cause havoc.
    That is impossible and not real.
    I guess that’s what makes it a movie.

    An average Secret Service Personnel on the president detail is a well trained advanced special soldier and Statham just dey beat them anyhow.

    Fight scenes will give serious excitement and goosebumps.

    8/10 cos Jason na my guy and I love him .

    You should see it!


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