What is the difference between the truth and a lie?

What is the difference between the truth and a lie?

Simple, truth is anything that historically correct and precise in its entirety while a lie is something which part ot the whole of it is false, it might have some particles of truth but the moment it is mixed with something false, it is a lie.
Now, why is it that if I call you cute or handsome, you go like thanks and blush? Cos it is the truth and you like it right? But if you are stu-pid and I call you that, why take offence?
People are just so silly that they dont see that me saying the truth(when it is a negative truth) means I care enough not to lie to you. Why would I wanna call you smart when what you are doing is the reverse? Why should I sugar-coat the truth that will mean tainting it and it becomes a lie.
If I think you are dumb, I will say it as it is and give you reason why you are(I always back my opinions up)and if I think you are smart same goes.
I think we are in a society which does not like the truth at all. They want to be lied to continuously and that’s why when my ex asked me if she was fat, I said I dont think so and she been literary minded asked me more. I told her she had some weight to her but to me, she was not fat. That got me in some trouble but what the heck, that’s my bit.
I hate when people upload pictures and people go like “you’re so cute” or “you look like an angel” the truth is that I was not send here to make you feel good about yourself. Whatever happened to real stuff like “girl, you need to ease up on em chicken laps” or “where the hell did you get them weaves from” 
I tell the truth not cos the bible says so but cos its easier to say the truth so I dont have to think about how to break it down to you so you can feel good about it.

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