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    Pregnancy Cravings Can Humble You

    When we were pregnant with our first child circa 2010, I suffered in the hands of cravings ooo

    One fateful day, we were coming back from the antenatal class at Ibadan Central Hospital because the pregnant mothers were told to invite their hubbies that day

    I drove past a place where they were cooking for a wedding party, suddenly wifey just ordered me to stop the car which I did.

    She said she wanted the jollof rice those people were cooking, I reminded her that we are complete strangers to them and I can’t go and meet them to ask for food. Let’s go to the nearest eatery and buy our own. My dramatic wife won’t have none of it, she kuku started crying that I don’t love her.

    Woo in a jivvy, I got down from the car, did my walk of shame towards the party people, approached one of the women packing jollof rice and explained my predicament about my preggo and her ’emergency demand’.

    Quickly, they brought takeaway plastics and dished 2 packs with meats for me saying that they understand jare. I was so glad that the problem was solved.

    My preggy wife started eating the party jollof rice immediately I got back into the car. She finished the 2 packs alone, not one grain for me.

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