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    What Bananas Should’ve Taught You About ‘Fresh Content’ So You Sell More Stuff

    What Bananas Should’ve Taught You About ‘Fresh Content’ So You Sell More Stuff

    I write for a living- it’s what I do.
    You could call it affiliate marketing, you could call it copywriting, you could call it sellin’ yo damn shit- that’s the point, you wanna sell something on the webs, you better start writing. Word.

    It baffles me to see how people are always looking for “inspiration” for their blogs and shit, needing fresh content. Needing something new.

    Hell yeah, you come up with something new, you make some discovery in your field- it certainly helps becoming an authority in your niche, if that’s your schpiel. spiel? stipple (autocorrect?)

    Hell yeah, you can buy ads and sell without being an authority like me, being ‘dat underground reluctant guru’. But that’s a whole different ballgame (more on that in another post)- let me get to the point.

    [ TL:DR so far – writing shit is essential in online business… ]

    The point being, you need fresh stuff to be noticed. And it better be damn good stuff mirite?

    So here’s a little ‘hack’ for you to use next time you’re shy of truly fresh AF content – you go to wikipedia and type in: lmao amazing humans. Or something like that. You pick an important event in history everybody knows and you tie some lesson from your niche into it, that might not be new- but will SEEM like an amazing discovery:
    Setting you apart from the herd who be busy just rehashing eachothers’: “lol split testing is important” bullshit. For instance:

    You know how actual bananas are made right? Ok. So, some really hot chick told me once those candy bananas have this flavour, that isn’t quite like a real banana. You know those candy bananas right?

    When those candies were first made, they were based on a different breed of bananas. That breed has gone extinct. We’re now only able to buy a different variant, with a different flavour.

    That breed, was just like the one we’re eating today, created after cross-pollinating different banana mutations. Until one day, a seedless banana was created. (Look it up, wild bananas are full of seeds).

    They got the perfect product after countless revisions- working towards what people really wanted. When you create a product, don’t create a product, create a solution for something people need.

    Ok, I KNOW that sounds cheezzzzy AF.  But how easy is it to tie the same story into: They guy who kept cross-pollinating bananas knew what he wanted as an end result. He had a set CPA. He kept split-testing his variations until he hit the sweet spot:

    Hey guys, split testing is important!

    See what I’m doing here? What I’m showing you isn’t new. It’s simply a slight variation of the One Weird Trick. By using a different angle, based on something completely unrelated, you create The One Weird Trick article/ad/lead magnet …without it coming across as yet another “One Weird Way To Lose 20 Pounds In 2 Minutes”.

    Here’s some more stuff for you guys, because I love this group:

    ” What This Neolithic Farmer From 12.000 BC Can Teach You About Facebook Split Testing” (vegetative cloning)

    ” Three Ways A Sabertooth Cat Outsmarts You In Media Buying” (targetting)

    ” If Fire Was Invented Today, This Is How You Could Instantly Capitalize On It” (selling something everyone needs)

    ” Forget Tony Robins, Your Company Should’ve Learned From Louis Pasteur” (preventing loss of capital etc)

    Keep up that hustle. If you want to read more stuff, I also write on my instagram acccount @meesterschap …though I don’t update on a regular basis, people do seem to love the updates.


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