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    Top 5 ways Nigerians made money online in 2016

    By Pascal Umeze (@pascalofficial)

    It’s the last month of the year 2016 and I have decided to give account of some online businesses that helped most Nigerians cope with the economic recession.

    As we all know, the Internet is growing rapidly and it is the best platform to share useful ideas with different individuals across the world.

    But this same internet has been able to help people make money online working from their various homes. 2016 is a great year for most Nigerians as they’ve been able to make ends meet through online business to cope with the current economic recession.

    There are series of online businesses today but I’ll list only 5 that made 2016 a great year for most Nigerians.

    These businesses are:

    Bitcoin (cryptocurrency)

    Bitcoin business is not new but I must say that most Nigerians discovered this swift online business early this year. Bitcoin is a stress free business which does not involve any physical transactions between two parties. It only involves mining, buying and selling of coins which can be done anywhere. The value of this coin increases. And I have come across people who are doing well in this same bitcoin business and have been able to cope with the present situation of the country by investing in it.

    – Online Importation

    Most people in 2016 no longer indulge in offline importation of goods and services because they now do it online with ease and lots of profits. This business is awesome as you can make up to N300,000 in a week if you follow the right procedure and most Nigerians have grabbed this opportunity in order  to be able to cope with the present situation of the country.

    – Ponzi Schemes

    2016 is the year lots of ponzi schemes such as : MMM, Ultimate cycler, iCharity  came to Nigeria. All these schemes are platforms where people PH (provide help ) and GH ( give help ) they are schemes that are dubbed “rub Peter to Pay Paul” that is, they allow their participants provide help for themselves. Some of these schemes promise to give 30% or more to their participants in 30 days after joining them. These schemes have really helped most Nigerians who are participants cope with the current economic situation even though these schemes are likely to crash with all its participants money gone without any prior notice most Nigerians still prefer to take the risk in a bid to make ends meet to be able to cope with the economic recession.

    – Freelance / Fiverr GIGS

    This is another big thing that has rocked in 2016, Most people now sell their skills to prospective clients for money. These skills could be : writing skills, graphics design skills, web development skills, proofreading etc. These platforms have really helped Nigerians most especially the youths make a living from selling their skills online. Most people earn up to $15 – $30 in a hour just for doing what they love doing. And this has also contributed to helping Nigerians cope with the current economic recession and has also increase productivity and efficiency of individuals on the Internet.

    – The Billion Coin (TBC)

    Like bit coin, The Billion Coin popularly called TBC should not be left out as it has also helped Nigerians make ends meet by simply investing. Crypto currency operations is not centralized, it’s a digital currency in which encryption techniques are used to regulate the generation of currency and verify transfer of fund, operating independently from the central bank. Digital world has made people convenient without realizing, you can talk to people all over, you can snap chat everyone around you and send over, you can do video calls via Skype etc, so indeed the world is going digital and currency has to go with this evolution.

    The Billion Coin (TBC) is a decentralized crypto currency like bitcoin but it operates in its own structure and formula which depends on the total growth of The Billion Coin community.

    These online businesses listed above made 2016 awesome for many Nigerians who grabbed the opportunity to indulge in them and will still make more years awesome. I advise anybody who is into any of these businesses to continue because in years to come, almost every business will be done online and for those who have not grabbed the opportunity, should do so quickly in order to enjoy awesome benefits while they last.

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