Christmas Gift Ideas

You spend all day with your co workers, but come time for your annual gift exchange, you are still trying to figure out exactly what your colleague would want that also fits your pay range.

Worry no more, here is a comprehensive list segmented by industry. For Nigerians by Nigerians.

Packet of handkerchief
Eva wine

Teachers and Educational organisations
A cock or chicken
Small sack of beans
Tuber of yams
Bunch of plantain
Goat leg

Small Consulting Firms
Konga Wristwatches
Jumia Shoe
Balogun Market Fazecap and shirt

Jumia, CChub companies & other Nigerian startup firms
Flash drives
Laptop bag


Banks/ Insurance firms/ Investment Banking houses
Moleskin books
MiFi device
Alarm clock

Instagram girls company/ Media Houses
The full Bobrisky pack
Ali Xpress front closures
iPhone8 phone casing in advance

Advertising Agencies
Flat Screen TV
A backpack

Deloitte, KPMG, Pwc, etc
-Hp laptops
– Refrigerators
– Washing Machine

Chevron, Shell, Oando and co
-Macbook pro
-iPhone 7
-A tokunbo motor

Senators/House of reps members
A plot of land in WUSE
Websites worth N70m
A Twitter/Facebook account worth 10m

CBN, Aso Rock and co
A village in Mbiase
A Ghana must-go bag containing 0.3% of the National Budget
A carton of dollars


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