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    This Young Pharmacist Wants To Ruin My Marriage

    …A certain young girl is trying to ruin my marriage.

    I was waiting to pay for my food when a female voice greeted Me.
    I instantly recognised her. She is the young pharmacist at the pharmacy where we usually get medications.
    Always very cheerful. Always very courteous.

    “Ah! How are you?
    You came to buy food too?”

    “Yes Sir”.

    “Abeg make una join her bill to my own”.

    “Haaa thank you Sir. God bless you Sir”
    Greeting was endless.

    Few days later, Chinwe and I were at the pharmacy to get medication.

    “Thank you for the other day Sir”
    It was the girl.

    I told Chinwe the reason behind it.

    The following week, as soon as we stepped in; “Good evening Sir. Thank you for the other day Sir”.

    Chinwe took a glance with the corner of her eye without saying a word.
    If you understand a little about Women, you’d realise that look actually said a lot.
    It is similar to asking your wife about her opinion on something you intend doing and she calmly responds “Go ahead”.

    Man wey no sabi would assume it is an approval. It is actually a threat.

    I didn’t wait to be asked. Na me begin explain that it was still that same other day o. There has no been another other day…I never do any other thing for her again o, hia!

    Young pharmacist, I beg you in Jesus mighty and precious name, please stop thanking me for that other day before you send me packing.
    See marriage wey I don build with almost 12years. 12years of hard labour. Is that what you want to scatter because of ordinary 750naira rice wey I pay for?

    If my marriage wan end atleast let it be for something tangible na.
    Something like I was caught with a fine woman with big nyash.
    How will I explain to Nigerians and the the world at large that it was 750naira that ended my marriage bikonu?

    Ara agbaala generous husband.

    Young fine girl, ejoor, mapami naaaau!

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