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10 Nigerian Celebrities That Looks So Much Alike With Some American Celebrities

Today, We will be counting down 10 Nigerian Celebrities that shares a striking resemblance with some American celebrities. Are you ready to dive in and see these celebrity lookalikes?…. Then let’s go

1. Peter Okoye And Usher Raymond

The resemblance between these two is nearly 100%.  Nigerian Singer and dancer, Peter Okoye looks very much alike and share some similarities with American singer and dancer, Usher Raymond. These two celebrities share the same smile, same look, even dimples and they are both good dancers as well.

2. Ikechukwu And DMX

Another classic one that we can never forget is the similarities between American rapper, DMX and Nigerian rapper, Ikechukwu. The two men literally looks like twins. The similarities between them is completely undeniable.

3. Oge Okoye And Future

Nollywood Actress, Oge Okoye and American singer, Future are another two celebrities who look alike in a very weird way. Their case qualifies as one of those where you just can’t put a figure on what the facial connection is but you just know it’s there.

4. Funke Akindele And Taraji P Henson

Talented, successful and funny as well, there’s no denying fact that Funke Akindele and American Actress, Taraji P Henson have a lot in common. But have you noticed that they also look alike?  The resemblance is low-key unsettling.

5. ILL Bliss And Notorious Big

This Igbo boy Rapper, illbliss looks alot like the late American Rapper, Christopher George Latore Wallace popularly known as Notorious Big.

6. Emeka Ike And Derek Luke

Nollywood Actor, Emeka Ike also share a striking resemblance with American actor, Derek Luke. You could say they don’t share same similarities in their facial looks but they look alike.

7. Lilian Esoro And Beyonce

Nollywood Actress, Lilian Esoro have a striking resemblance with American singer and performer, Beyonce. You may think that they are siblings but they are not.

8. 2Baba And Joe El

It’s one thing to look like someone but to sound like the Same person? No, I think it’s time to interrogate somebody’s dad. Joe El not only looks and sound like 2Baba, he was also signed to Kennics music. The same label that helped 2Baba came into Limelight.

9. M I Abaga And Kendrick Lamar

We could say that this two hip hop artists have a striking resemblance as well. M I is a popular Nigerian rapper who look so much alike with American rapper Kendrick Lamar.

10. Tiwa Savage and K. Michelle

These two stars looks very much alike and also share a similar style. Tiwa Savage is a Nigerian Singer and Shares a striking resemblance with American Rnb singer, K. Michelle.

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