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    The Weaker Vessel

    “The Weaker Vessel”

    This is a term used to describe women, it was used in the Bible, the Quran prefers to use the term “Defficient in mind” to describe them because well men are said[thought, known] to be better than women(not in everything but when we take averages, the men should be better) what do I think of this? Bullshît.

    You see this thing is a result of mental conditioning which has been happening since when? Right from Adam and Eve. A lot of us don’t see it cos we overlook it but it is there.

    In Genesis 2:17, God told Adam about the only sin he should avoid in the garden of Eden. Did Adam comply with that law? Let me take you on a little trip.

    Genesis 3 starts by describing the devil (serpent) as a deceitful creature and the most subtle. Heck the devil is supposed to be better than Adam and Eve at manipulation right? So Eve was in the Garden that day and the devil came to her and then he convinced her to eat the fruit and she gave Adam and he ate of it and that was the original sin…

    Lets look at this story well, Eve was deceived by the Devil who is supposed to be the master and she fell. But how did Adam fall? He fell to a human. A human made from just one rib, Adam lost the whole planet to a creature he is supposedly “greater” than. That says a lot about how resistant men are. Men are really resistant and strong when it comes to that(yeah right). At least Eve argued with the Devil before she was convinced. The man? He swallowed took it without care.

    One has to question Adam again. When the devil came to Eve to lie to her, where the heck was he? Perhaps he went to watch Man U play Chelsea or he went to watch his neighbor’s wife “lustifully” which made him leave his home unguarded. You can argue that he went to do what God asked which is to tend to the garden (note that naming of the animals was done before Eve was created Genesis 2:20). But Eve is supposed to he an “Helper” how come she was idle and the man was not beside her?Men: Recklessly abandoning their home since 7000bc.

    Adam was irresponsible (not different from his desendants). He did not watch his own home. He failed to introduce his wife to God thereby denying her the type of relationship with God that he had.

    Another flaw you notice in Adam, Genesis 3:12. When God asked Adam how he knew he was nakèd what did my ancestor do? He blamed the woman. He refused to take responsibility for his action (like most men today…blame the woman) seriously, he did not even think of “being a man and standing up to defend his family”. He did the first thing most men will do, hide and leave the woman to take the fall. And oh, it gets better: he told God that the woman gave him of the fruit and he ate. But God had told him not to eat it. There was not clause in the commandment where God said “If your wife gives you, eat it” . Men have been shifting the blame since they were created and after the whole bla bla bla, guess who mankind blamed for the fall of man? Your guess is right The woman!

    Note the step by step here, women are not weak in mind, Eve even argued with the devil (who is supposed to be able to become a handsome creature). She did not just crumble which signifies inner intelligence, a strenght that helps women out in difficult situations.

    Men have shown that they are reckless, selfish, never around when you need them, liars, not supportives, self centered and yet men come of every story as the good guys.

    This is dues to decades and centuries of mental conditioning. Putting women down, demonising women who have decided to sit up and say no or they want more and as if that is not enough, man also recruited allies to help them put women down…..guess who they are…Women!! Women joined the fight against their own selves. 

    The point of this whole rant is not to make men sound evil or bad (even though a lot of men are) but to the women, you are not so weak. Eve was not weak, she stood against the devil before she gave in. You can be more than you are, don’t conform to the bullshît society sells to you about how you have to fall in line like a lamb to the slaughter, aspire to be more, do more, think more and maybe, just maybe with that, the world will be a little bit better.

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