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    The South East Governors Must Go

    The Southeast Governors must Go

    With the communique they issued yesterday in timorous abdication of their responsibility to their people; and the tacit support they granted to the anti-democratic forces killing their sons and daughters at the orders of Buhari: I am of the opinion that all the present Governors of all the Southeastern States of NIgeria have overstayed their welcome.

    They should go!

    They all should be voted out.

    They are of no use to us. Our plight is not their plight as they have shown. Our concerns are of no interest to them. They don’t give a hoot about us.

    They should go! And it is our job to sack them. It is our responsibility and a destiny-based one to kick them out.

    The Southeast governors are hirelings. They are not shepherds. A hireling will always work like one.

    They are mendacious mercenaries.

    They mandates most of them sit atop were stolen.

    This is what you get, when people think that politics does not concern them. If you leave politics to ignorant pot-bellied, moral weathervanes; they will one day stand by, while your kids are being raped and murdered.

    This is the time to get involved.

    Nnamdi Kanu like Moses has brought us to that mountain of realization; where once the clouds recede; we would now wake up from our political apathy and civic slumber; and reclaim our sovereignty from these hirelings that masquerade as governors and politicians.

    Every person from the Southeast of Nigeria should go get registered to vote. Lets get ready to rumble. Lets get ready to kick out these political saboteurs off our political space.

    I don’t want to dwell on their incompetence. The evidence is ingloriously spread across the southeast.

    Ask any Southeast governor; what his achievements have been since he got into power. Umahi of Ebonyi, will rise and tell you that he built a Roundabout embroidered with lights, powered by a generator imported from China. Obiano na Anambra will talk about the bridge he built. What about Ikpeazu in Abia? Aba; the leather capital of West Africa is still buried in filth and remains a sanitary joke. Ask Ugwuanyi in Enugu. Well Enugu is in the hands of God. Ask the man in Imo! You can add his answer.

    These are the clownish mercenaries deciding your fate and that of your children.

    It is time they go. It is time to vote them out. Never let them tell you your votes don’t matter. It does.

    We will go to vote in Anambra; in Enugu; Abia, Ebonyi and Imo.

    Like the sun that will forever rise from the east, let that revolution begin here one polling station at a time.

    Spread this message far and wide. Join this campaign. It is operation kick out Southeast Governors from power!

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