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    By Charles Ogbu.

    Defence Headquarter Declares Indigenous People Of Biafra  (IPOB) a Terrorist Group ~~News.

    First, let’s get something very clear here.

    The military has absolutely no powers to declare any group a terrorist organisation and certainly not IPOB that the Abuja high court has categorically declared a lawful organisation. So, this is nothing but an opinion which the military has every right to express the same way I, Charles Ogbu, reserve the right to express my own opinion about them. And my opinion about the Nigerian military, the Army specifically, is that it is more of a murderous fulani militia peopled mainly by savages who are characteristically blind, deaf and dumb to the sanctity of the lives of the human person.

    Unlike the military which didn’t produce any evidence to support their opinion on IPOB, I have plethora of evidence to support my opinion that the Nigerian Army is nothing short of a uniformed murderous gang.

    First, attached here is a video evidence of the first degree savagery perfected by the Army where they drowned unarmed civilians simply for being in possesion of Biafran cloths just 3 days ago in Abia state. Watch the video and judge for yourself.

    Secondly, it is on record that the fulani herdsmen was once rated the world’s 4th deadliest terrorist group by Global Terror Index. It is also on record that last year, a day after the fulani herdsmen slaughtered 81 people in Benue state, President Buhari wore a military fatique for the first time in over 3 decades to launch a strong army taskforce to protect, not the victims of this fulani massacre but the fulani killers themselves. Buhari is a fulani himself, remember? Now, the fact that the Army is protecting a group that has acquired a reputation for terrorism is not even the problem. The biggest issue here is that it has been proven by accounts from eye witnesses that the Nigerian army HELPS THE FULANI HERDSMEN IN ATTACKING THEIR VICTIMS who are always Christians.

    Hear it from the horse’s mouth. Here, read :

    Soldiers helped herdsmen to attack us, victims tell presidential probe panel

    Thirdly, this army slaughtered hundredS of Shiites in kaduna simply for blocking the convoy of their boss at a time when the country was not at war. This army killed dozens of unarmed non-violent IPOB members between 29-30 May 2016 and even bathed others with acid RIGHT INSIDE A CHURCH simply for remembering their heroes, according to a detailed report released by Amnesty International. Afterwards, the soldier who led this hate-induced murderous operation, one T.O Ibrahim, was rewarded with a promotion by this same army. All of these are verifiable.

    How can an army that has carried out all these iniquities against UNARMED civilians now turn around and try to justify them by declaring their victims terrorists???

    This is as criminally funny as declaring the Indigenous People Of Arewa or Indigenous People Of Oduduwa a terrorist group.

    IPOB stands for The Indigenous People Of Biafra. Indigenous People are the people who have been in existence long before the white man came with his artificial borders and names and colonized us. The right of Indigenous People to Self Determination which Nnamdi Kanu is pursuing is a fundamental right recognized by all laws known to man.

    When a right is described as fundamental, it simply means that such a right is yours to lay claim to as a human person regardless of whether or not, your country’s constitution recognizes such a right. The only problem here is that if your country’s law book does not recognize such a right like in the case of Nigeria where Referendum is not in the atrocious apartheid manual masquerading as the 1999 constitution, an oppressive and murderous govt, like this Buhari regime, could use that to oppose or delay your right to self rule. But make no mistake, that right still remains yours to lay claim to. Even under military rule, freedom of speech remains a fundamental human right, the fact that the junta doesn’t fully recognise it doesn’t make it any less a right.

    That referendum is not in the constitution DOES NOT make it a crime. After all, when our forefathers agitated for and got independence, there was no provision for Self Rule in the constitution then.

    Referendum which is what the IPOB leader is asking for is the most civilized method of determining such issue. It is simply a direct Yes or No votes by Indigenous People to decide their future.

    Nnamdi Kanu’s rhetorics do not constitute a crime in any way or form. The law has no business with the thought and utterances of a man. The law is only concerned with his action. Breach of the law is an act! Even threatening to use chemical weapon on Nigeria does not constitute a crime in the eyes of the law. A responsible law enforcement will not even question you for that. They will rather start monitoring you to see if they can catch you with something tangible.

    This is exactly why the Nigerian govt couldn’t convict Nnamdi Kanu of any offense after holding him for almost 2 years.

    Even under a voodoo democracy, you don’t send military tanks and guns to the house of a man who is under bail. If he flouts his bail conditions, it is not for the military to invade his home with armoured tanks. It is not even for the police to arrest him. It is the Judge who granted him bail the prosecution should approach to revoke the bail.

    This is the only civilized way of going about it. A national army doing “Show Of Force” with tanks in a civilian neighbourhood is tantamount to terrorism against those civilians.

    The Military Deployment to Nnamdi Kanu’s house and the attendant festival of blood is a testament to the fact that for this country, the law is more worthless than the paper on which it is written.

    What hope is there when leaders can twist the law and turn it into an object of oppression and vendetta with citizens who should know better cheering on????

    The fact that there are educated Nigerians who supported this executive roquery confirms that as a collective, we are a society of people full of education but devoid of knowledge. A people full of wisdom but devoid of common sense.

    Our salvation is anything but nigh.

    To you IPOB member, you owe it to both man and God to ensure you don’t harm anyone whether security person or a settler. We Biafrans are not a violent people. We’ve never been the aggressor. The moment you take the life of anyone, you’ve crossed a red line of nature and even the land upon which you stand will testify against you. Your problem is not Buhari. Your problem is not even those soldiers pelting you with bullets. And your problem is certainly not that Hausa/fulani guy somewhere in your neighbourhood. Your problems are those moral criminals and executive terrorists masquerading as your political, religious and even traditional leaders. Even the grave injustices of the Nigerian state against you could never have been possible without the complicity of those misleaders.

    To Southeast governors, you quickly released a statement proscribing IPOB but you have never made any strong statement against the fulani herdsmen invasion of Ala-Igbo and the attendant harvest of blood. You didn’t condemn the Militarization of your land which gave rise to all these. And worst of all, none of you condemned the barbarism of the army as we see in this video and all the other executions the soldiers visited on your own people.

    Shame On the 5 of you Igbo governors!!

    You are all Pharaohs seeking to acquire the garbs of Moses. You are all arsonists posing as fire-fighters. You are all Brutus. But
    unlike Brutus who betrayed Caesar for altruistic reasons, your own treachery was purely for coins and gold.

    History would never look so kindly upon you.

    To you the army, neither guns nor tanks will stop Biafrans from agitating for a fair society where they can live as free people instead of living like a conquered children of a lesser god.

    To you, President Buhari, you are an unjust man filled with generational hatred for Biafrans. Your unjust and vindictive actions and inactions got us here. So far, you have been the greatest catalyst of Biafran quest for Self Determination. And by your words, actions and inactions, you have proven more committed to dissolving this British contraption than even a million Nnamdi Kanu.

    And because the age of Methusela has nothing to do with the wisdom of Solomon, let me just gift you with an advise:

    Injustice is the fuel that powers every vehicle of agitation, conflicts and even war. As a matter of urgency, stop this your Northern Fulani Muslim agenda and immediately look for a way to enthrone justice in this country. Do this now or watch this beautiful lie called Nigeria collapse under the weight of its own internal contradiction.

    Biafra is an idea which has since conquered mortality. Those who profess this idea can be killed by tanks and guns but the ideology itself can never be killed nor quenched because it is being fuelled mainly by your bigotry, discrimination and other unjust acts against the Biafrans.

    Peace can only be a native of Justice. Any peace gotten through any other means other than Justice remains a peace of the grave yard which is no peace at all.

    With this video clip, who between the army and IPOB does the terrorist tag look better on?????

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