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    Success Is Relative


    I used to work with a lady who is a HR expert.

    She was married, but didn’t have any kids.

    She was earning about 200k monthly then.

    One day she said to me, “I want to resign, start a HR consulting firm, get 4 clients who can pay 200k monthly each, earn 800k a month, then have more time to go through the processes of fertility treatments so I can have a child”.

    Her vision was crystal clear.

    She resigned.

    She launched a HR firm with one staff.

    She got her first 3 clients (that’s the most I knew then. I don’t know now)

    She started her fertility treatments.

    She has 3 kids now.

    Is she successful?


    Her definition of success was simple – 800k monthly earnings plus kids plus a happy home.

    Her definition of success is valid.

    You may think 800k monthly is nothing to you.

    You have bigger dreams of taking over the world and going global.

    Your vision is valid too.

    Her vision is valid too.

    Just make sure you know exactly what you want for yourself
    Chest it boldly – it is valid
    Execute it
    And celebrate your win

    Your dream is not my dream
    Your vision is not my vision

    Your dream is valid
    My dream is valid

    Do you.
    I do me.

    I hope this helps someone to stop comparing and focus on you!

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