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    How To Avoid Insults On Your Facebook Ads


    These days, I don’t get any insults on my Facebook Ads.

    Seems I have learnt this Nigerian market o.

    Here are a few tips to help.

    1. Don’t use the word FREE. They now dislike it.
    Just write what you want to say without that word.

    2. Don’t promise anything that looks too bogus.
    How to make 10million a month will bring you insults.
    Teach them how to make 20k a day – they love it

    3. Build a lot of trust on your page.
    Create and post a lot of organic content.
    Stop running ads to a page with no posts

    4. The term “affiliate marketing” has turned to bitter lemon for them. Not write it. Maybe say it in another way if you must teach affiliate marketing.

    5. Respond kindly to comments that ask valid questions. It builds trust for others

    6. Don’t let spam comments survive 10 minutes on your ad. Delete and block

    7. Don’t stop running ads. The more they see your ads, the more powerful they perceive your brand to be.

    8. Grow a brand, not a hustle.
    All those Facebook pages bearing all manner of names that are just setup to run ads and not build any business brands, they get shut down everyday.
    They keep buying more and more ad accounts.
    It’s best to choose a business, create a brand and run your ads like a proper brand, not a hustle.

    I will share more soon.

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