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    Single But Not Available

    The conversation started like.
    Someone saw a profile picture and asked the owner “Who is that girl, is she single, is she available?”
    The person who has the girl’s picture up said
    “She is single but not available”
    The reply was curious
    “Available under what premise?”
    Yes, this question is valid and true for ALL instances. Asking people out is always risky and you stand the risk of being insulted, embarrassed or damn right making the biggest mistake of your life but when you finaly get that answer, that huge answer, you need to think well about acceptance so you dont fall into some ego breaking ish.
    That you asked someone out and that person said they are not available or not willing the date now does not mean it is universal
    Someone who is not willing to date you or available to you might be available to date others. This thing is like binary, like input and output sequence of a boolean (yes that again) algebra. She might be available to someone else. So if someone tels you “that girl/guy is not available, ask the terms and conditions of that availability”
    Look, a person can be available for courtship but not dating. If a person sees that what you offer is not something that is long term, the person can be tripped off. So also, some people can be unavailable for courtship and only be in for dating. Heck, some are there for fling only so if you ask em out and they say no, it might be what you present.
    Heck I have gotten a “You will make a great husband but not a good BF” before and I went like. Does that mean the person hates me? No but for now, that form of life presented to her is not what she wants. Sure you can provide the sense of security a husband gives but who that epp right now when she is looking to catch trips and have fun? Biko swerve.
    A person can be totally available to a Yoruba man but totally unavailable to a non Yoruba. It is what it is. Heck, a person can be available to an Anambra person but to an Ngwa person……*Chuckles* (true experience story)
    And being available is not even about emotions. Someone can be totally in love with you and still tell you he/she is not available to you. Heck, the person might not just be into someone who is in that position you are. Why kill yourself? You can ask the terms of the availability and see if you can make it (although I find it totally silly in some cases as you wojt be able to keep it up for long). Oh , you can even find out that person is totally available to you and the person gets scared of your connections and runs. (See this one passes human understanding and comprehension just accept it like that?)
    All in all, find that person who you are compatible with and is available and be hopelessly happy with the person

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