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    Getting A HIV/AIDS Test

    So some days ago, I decided to take an HIV test. Wait, been willing to do so for some weeks now but I dont know the closest medical clinic (you know those guys that do it free?) was so I decided to opt for the home test thingy. Yeah, it is something I am new to and didnt people say we all should try out new things?
    Okay, so I was going out Thursday to see Wonder woman at Jabi Lake Mall so I dropped by at the pharmacy close by, they did not have it so I just left and went to see my movie. As usual, I always get to the cinemas early to buy my ticket and hang out at the mall all by myself (life of a single and boring Naija guy). Anyhoo, here I was with about 40 minutes before the movie starts and the HIV test drifted into my head again. Why I was so pushy about it self was curious.
    I googled the test and they said it took just 10 minutes so I figured, I could go get one fast and still make the movie. So I found the closest med store and got one and walked into the rest room sharp. Yes, I know some people will think I should have just gone to do it at home instead but when you have to go, you gotta go.
    So me rest room, HIV test kit and trying to figure out how it works. The manual was not helpful as it just sounded like ancient Greek. I threw everything back in the little pack and walked out into the cinemas to sit and do stuff on my phone thinking I would take the test when I get home; yimu.
    5 minutes later, I was back in the toilet, with everything scattered on the floor. This time, the manual made sense and I got a hang of it but with one major problem: I had to prick my finger with a needle to get the blood out. Of all things they want, it is the one thing I couldn’t do to myself. I am totally okay with injections, I can take injections all day but as long as I dont have to watch it go into my flesh or any other flesh. Inject me, no wahala but I cant see it go in and now, I had to knowing prick myself deep enough to get a drop of blood out. This is why I did not bother trying to be a drug addict, I cannot inject myself and getting someone else to do it might be a chore. Also why I know how matter how suicidal I seem, I cant kill myself. I cannot willingly cause myself physical pain. Mba
    So I wipped my finger with the alchoholic wipe tissue provided, brought the needle out and started the process of intentionally injuring myself. Two minutes and the pin was not even under any skin, so I just pushed it vertical and violla, freaking thing went deep down, I pulled it out and applied force so the blood will come out and I saw red but alas, it was not even up to a drop. Heck, it was just a stain on my finger nothing more. My reaction, throw the kit into the thrash. I was done and tired but saner minds prevailed.
    I grabbed the needle again and after 4 minutes, I got it deep in my skin, I tried to scoop the blood but same thing, little blood so I applied more pressure and here it was. My all so so precious blood flowing out. I took a sample with the pipette, applied where applicable and added the other liquid to indicate.
    So when they said it takes 10 minutes to take the test, I was expecting that you will wait for that long to get a result not knowing that it was 10 minutes total from pricking yourself to result. So the liquid started flowing and the moment of truth was coming. Slowly it flowed into the indicator thingy and the indicator was filled with read and the result was displayed. I waited for about 5 more minutes, heck you never know, the result can change na.
    So result gotten, I packed the apparatus back into the pack, took pictures of the result and thrashed it all. Wait what was the result? I dont know how you can even ask, go do yours

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