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    Shyne Barrow’s Story Is So Beautiful

    Shyne’s story is so beautiful.

    So Shyne used to be a rapper in Diddy’s Bad Boy Records.

    He had a violent childhood, got shot at 15, a brilliant lyricist, which were the perfect recipe for a hip hop star.

    Shyne and Diddy

    He was going to be Bad Boy’s next big thing, but the year after signing to the label, the 20-year-old rapper was arrested and charged for a nightclub shooting. People were badly injured.

    Diddy and his then-girlfriend, actress Jennifer Lopez, who were with him in the club, were let off the hook. Although word had it Jlo brought in the weapons.

    Shyne would later claim that he took the fall for Diddy, being a young guy.

    In 2000, he was sentenced to ten years for attempted m∆rder in a federal prison in New York.

    It seemed like the talented rapper’s career was over.

    Diddy washed his hands off his former signee.
    Shyne was hurt. They didn’t speak to each other for nearly 10 years, but later made peace.

    Meanwhile, record labels were fighting to strike deals with him while in jail.
    While in prison, he partly recorded an album Godfather Buried Alive with prison telephone.

    The prison later took away his phone privileges.

    After serving nine years, Shyne was released in 2009, and deported to his home country due to his criminal record.

    Shyne Barrow

    Note that Shyne was seven years old when his mother brought him to the United States.

    He pleaded for the ban to be lifted, his father who was the Prime Minster of Belize couldn’t do much.
    He tried to enter the UK but immigration officials denied him access at the airport.

    He went back to his home country Belize, got married, and delved into politics.

    In 2010, the rapper was appointed the Belize Music and Goodwill Ambassador.
    Levels started changing.

    He joined his father’s political party and was elected as a member of the House of Representatives in 2020.

    He used his platform to advocate for the increase in salaries of Belizean police and student loans.

    Man was loved by the people.

    In 2021, he was appointed the Opposition Leader in the House of Representatives and the leader of the Belize United Democratic Party.

    It’s said that Diddy helped him get a US Visa the same year (as compensation for the troubles).

    In 2021, he entered the US for the first time in years for a state visit.

    The Atlanta City Council honoured him by declaring August 20, 2021 “Ѕhуnе Ваrrоw Dау” fоr hіѕ great ѕеrvісе tо the реорlе оf Веlіzе.

    Shyne Barrow and mom
    Shyne Barrow and mum

    He’s aspiring for Belize’s prime minister seat in 2025.

    Sometimes I visit his IG page to appreciate his journey.
    From gangsterism to being a proper man.
    Today, he’s talking about community initiatives in suit, tomorrow, he’s proudly celebrating his daughter of school-age, Naomi.

    Chances are if life didn’t take a turn for Shyne, he may have been a washed up 90s Bad Boy rapper, or probably ended up d£ad.

    I’d like to think that everything that happened were stepping stones to his greatness.

    BTV reporting

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