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    Events Linked To Diddy

    A list of events linked to Diddy a.k.a ‘Brother Love’.
    Most of his former associates were allegedly screwed over and abus*ed by him, others died untimely and faced jail time.
    They call it ‘the curse of Combs’.


    1. Cassie: She left after a series of physical abuse and s£*x trafficking.

    2. Notorious B.I.G: It is believed that Diddy owned Biggie’s albums’ publishing. So Biggie started writing songs for other artists so that he could get some publishing.
    He also planned to leave Bad Boy and be his own boss, which is why he tried signing talents to his own label before he was m¥rdered.
    Since then theorists have been mentioning one name.

    3. Shyne: The former Bad Boy rapper served 9 years in prison after the 1999 nightclub shooting involving his former label boss, Diddy.
    Shyne has since stated that he’s innocent, and that because he was young at the time, he took the fall.
    Witnesses have also claimed that Diddy was the triggerman behind the gun.

    4. Mase: He left Diddy’s Bad Boy label to become a pastor.
    Diddy held on to the publishing rights to all of Mase’s music and refused to sell it to him.
    Mase later claimed his former boss is ruining lives.

    5. Freddy P: Remember MTV Making The Band? Freddy left the band (Da Band) put together by Diddy, after the Bad Boy boss allegedly threatened his life. Freddy also said that the music mogul is the reason he hates life.

    6. Kim Porter: She allegedly endured v!olence from Diddy and he wouldn’t let her date other men while they were separated. It’s said that she was writing a tell-all book before she died mysteriously at the age of 47.

    7. Ed Winter: He was Kim Porter’s coroner. He died just after he was asked to reexamine the cause of her death.

    8. Faith Evans: Biggie’s widow and first woman signed to Diddy’s label. She left when her album stopped getting his attention.

    9. Carl Thomas: Just like several of Diddy’s artists, he left. Carl started doing his thing independently but hasn’t found much success over the years.

    10. The LOX: They didn’t hide the fact that they wanted to leave Bad Boy back then.
    In fact, there was a “Free The LOX” campaign.
    Diddy eventually allowed them leave but kept their publishing.

    11. 112: The r&b group left Bad Boy, and in Diddy manner, they lost the right to their music. A member, Quinnes Parker, called brother love a hypocrite for his 2020 Grammys speech saying, “black artists should take control of their art.”

    12. Lil Rod: The former Diddy artist recently sued him for xexual assault.

    13. Total: They left Bad Boy and faded into obscurity like other former artists on the label.

    14. Craig Mack: He was signed to Bad Boy Records and died unexpectedly at 46.

    15. Heavy D: He collapsed outside his home and died at age 44.

    16. Black Rob: The former Bad Boy rapper died at age 52.

    17. G-dep: The former Bad Boy rapper spent 13 years in jail.

    18. Loon: The former Bad Boy rapper was sentenced to 14 years in prison, but was granted a compassionate release after 8 years.

    19. Anthony “Wolf” Jones: Former Diddy Bodyguard and Head of Security at Bad Boy Records.
    Wolf was well-known in the hip hop community for being Diddy’s right-hand man and protector during the clash of Suge Knight’s Death Row Records and Bad Boy record in the 90s.
    He was sh0t dead outside of a night club in Atlanta. He was aged 36.

    20. Kid Cudi: In 2012, Diddy allegedly blew up rapper Kid Cudi’s car when he started dating Cassie. She claimed in her lawsuit that Diddy threatened to unalive him.

    Not a good track record.

    BTV reporting

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