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    Should a lady ever pay for a date?

    I have a few questions for research on this matter :

    1. Is it true that a Nigerian man pays for dinner / outings on his own birthday and his girls birthday too? Is this right ?

    2. Is it true that ladies attribute, reward or make a correlation between spending money and sex? I.e if you spend well on me I’ll give you the cookie 🍪. Is this true ?

    3. If the previous claim is true? Both guys and girls enjoy sex. Is it right for money to be brought in at all? Shouldn’t getting the cookie be about your personality and fine face?

    4. Ladies is not annoying when you’re sitting at home ” jejely” and this guy begs you to come out and then asks you to pay?

    5. Fellas will you respect a lady who covers her own or adds to the bills? Will that make you want to see her more ?

    6. Ladies, when a guys asks you to pay is it a deal breaker? Are you deleting his number?

    7. Does this paying brouhaha have anything to with our Culture, The Economy, Personality, class, tribe ?

    8. Does this Paying drama happen in every class I.e ( below middle class, middle class itself , rich ) Are the rich bothered about who pays ? Or it only affects middle class ?

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