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    Ladies, can you marry an upcoming man?

    Ladies! BE HONEST, will you marry akin?
    Dairy of an upcoming man. By @joroolumofin

    Hi, my man is Akin.
    1. I have a Bsc & Msc in Economics, I am currently unemployed or earning 70k a month.

    2. I use Okada and BRT to get around. On special occasions like Val’s day I use Uber.

    3. I live in with my parents or I’m sharing an apartment with 2 other friends .

    4. I am on social media but I don’t really have anything to post. I have 50 followers and following 500 people .

    5. I wish I could be a Yoruba demon ; get girls and breaks hearts maybe but I don’t have the money and time.

    6. I use a tecno phone, I’ll save up to buy iPhone by summer.

    7. when I go to the club I stand by the bar drinking my Red Bull for hours, I keep pouring ice inside so I don’t have to buy another one. I can’t afford a table .

    8. I have a Phd in friend-zone affairs. Every lady sees me as a friend not a lover. Why?

    9. i don’t like seeing movies on the weekend because it’s too expensive 4000 for 2 tickets + pop corn 1800 + small chops 2500 + drinks 1500 = 10,300. Ahh! 2 weekends of moves my salary while take notice.

    What is wrong?
    I have a good heart, I am very ambitious, I know I will make it in life but it’s depressing when the type of ladies I want won’t touch me with a “10-foot-pole”
    Do I have to make money first before I find love? Ladies complain daily that they want a man. Here I am. No one to date me. They go after the rich guys who will break their hearts. I guess that saying is true. “Ladies would rather be with a rich guy who cheats than a struggling faithful guy”.

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