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    Search For A Girlfriend

    Okay search for Girlfriend.

    “To be loved, you have to be lovable” that is a nice statement and do I think I am lovable? If I answer in the affirmative, I would be the biggest liar in the world.

    Seriously, I am the most un-lovable person ever. I might be gentle and compassionate and all those but I am also the most scacarstic a-hole I know.

    In my list of faults, includes the fact that I dont have the stomach for someone trying to play me, I like strong people who know what they want. I am not going to ask a girl out and continue disturbing her for 3 months. Hell no 2 weeks is the maximum and I am out even it you are in my eyes, the most beautiful woman ever.

    I dont like people who are not smart(eff, I joke a lot and there is no way in hell I intend to explain every joke I tell).

    I am fairly romantic whatever the hell that means.

    And oh how can I forget, i also have an ANTIQUATED SENSE OF MORALITY that was what my cousin told me when I said I can’t go on a date with a girl without informing my Girlfriend.

    I like my privacy sometimes as I just like putting the lifts off and listening to music noting else. And I dont go through people’s phones except their media. Why do people go through other people’s messages? 

    My mum once said that if you go snooping, you should not complain if you find somethings in-appropriate. I would not scoop around your phone and if you want to go over my phone, I will gladly give it to you(I dont hide things).

    I can be with you for hours non-stop. People always think that is a lie. I mean is that so hard to imagine? I am good company, I will stay with you the whole day gisting and making you laugh. I am not always moody.

    I can chat with you for 24 hours straight as long as it is not 2go or Facebook chat. Whatsapp; YIM, Gtalk and the rest, you are the one that will get tired.

    I can switch between conversations, that I find easy cos I am good with a lot of topics. And I am good at turning words around.(learnt that when I was young. Everyone took me for the lawyer type).

    I dont lie. Seriously, I dont. 
    When I was in SS3, I wrote a piece on lies and why people lie and I came to one conclusion, people lie because of fear. You are afraid that if you dont lie, there are certain consequences that you will faced so you tend to avoid the consequence by lying. Eg, why would a guy lie to his girl about he cite neighbour? Cos he is scared she will leave him.

    Next one, I tell the truth. This should go without saying but when I say I tell the truth, believe me, I tell it BLUNTLY. I dont sugar coat thing and if I tell you I like you, I do and if I don’t.

    I am incapacitated by a crying girl(which guy is not?) but your tears is not enough to make me go against my rules that’s just silly. It might make me weak enough to look for an alternative for you but won’t change me.

    And contrary to everyone’s believes, I dont get mad. Shocking right? What’s the point of getting mad? Anger clogs the mind and you can’t think straight and I love thinking straight. It gives me an edge.

    I dont hold grudges, I’d rather leave you and totally ignore you cos I dont want to give you a way to repeat what you have done but I would not hold a grudge.

    I forgive almost immediately, its pointless not to. You have done it why should I wait for you to come and say sorry before I forgive you? I will still forgive you anyway so I might just do myself some good and call you up telling you I dont like what you did so you would not do it again.

    I never fall back on my word. If I say I will do it, I will if I say I won’t *laughs* noting will change me.

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