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Onyeka Nwelue Clarifies With His Own Side Of The Story

While I believe everyone has the right to fly with whatever story suits their biases. I also think it is important for the other side of the story to be put out, especially knowing how, in these streets, side B hardly gets coverage.

For instance. David Hundeyin posted a couple of tweets , clarifying a lot of things about the issue, but I haven’t seen the tweets flying on Facebook.

I was privileged to be in Oxford, courtesy of his Writers and Publishers Workshop, which he was running under the Umbrella of the ASC, Oxford.. The panels, the lectures, the programs and even the access to study materials, and the JC Literary festival he organized last year, he was mostly funding it himself. But I assumed it was part of his position as an academic visitor.
Because how is it possible to organize conferences, literary festivals, workshops, to get renown writers like Ben Okri to your program, have the university themselves announce these programs on their site, to have letters of commendation from the school elite, recognizing his work, to receive invitations to dinner, meetings and work partnership with Oxford University themselves, and all of a sudden they want to talk about fraud.

On a more personal note, those of us who are closer to him know that the accusations of misogyny, racism etc are laughable. He doesn’t have anything against a specific group of people, everybody dey collect. Everybody. Friends. Fam. Men. Women. Black. White. Everybody.

To further understand the source of this, people should read David Hundeyin’s expose on the issue here:


Anyways, away from the politics behind all this, here’s his own side of the story as he sent :


Cherwell News did a story on me, recently, with the caption: “Fake professor dismissed from Oxford apologises for misogyny at fraudulent book launch”

It was supposed to be a hit story, a story written to ridicule me, but before it was published, I sent them something similar, written in 2015, by Solomon Elusoji and published in the Nigerian newspaper, ThisDay. Nobody took note of that story.

I do not have a first degree and never claimed to have one. I have taught in more institutions of learning than many with PhDs.


I have participated in trainings, where you needed to go home with certificates, but I didn’t take any. There is a video of me as a Visiting Lecturer at the University of Hong Kong on YouTube.


It is public knowledge that I do not have any degree certificate. There was never a time Oxford University requested for any first degree certificate from me. It was the idea of the University that I came as Academic Visitor.

I became an Academic Visitor at the two of the best universities in the world, Oxford and Cambridge. It was something impossible but someone did it. I had bench fees to pay to the Universities. For Oxford, I paid a bench fee of £1000 and for Cambridge, the bench fee was £9000. We know how much these amount in Naira. It’s over N10 million Naira.

I was going to leave these for a new book I will self-publish, to be titled, “Cancelled.”

Academic Visitors are unpaid at the universities they are attached to. So, they are not employees of the universities, so I never in this world, told anyone that I was a professor at Oxford and Cambridge. I was a ‘Professor’ before I came to Oxford.

On my social media bio, where I wrote: “Professor + Academic Visitor at the University of Oxford and Cambridge.” Please, read that again. ‘Professor’ came before ‘Academic Visitor.’ If I were a professor at Oxford, why did I need to add Academic Visitor? Comprehension is a problem, so I don’t have to blame the writers of the article meant to scandalize me, for not understanding what I said in the language of the country they live in. Even the reporter from The Telegraph, refused to ‘comprehend’ it. The idea, was for me to leave social media and sit this out, but the only thing I want to achieve with this piece, is to apologize to everyone that believes I am a racist, a misogynist, sexist or other crimes against humanity from the ‘evidence’ screenshot from my posts. They were meant to elicit feedback for my books. I am none of those and I didn’t utter any misogynistic word at the launch of the book that I published.

The writers of the article, also, have mocked me for self-publishing. I was a 16 year old, when I launched my literary career and I have been consistent with my struggles. Every kind of stone, has been thrown at me. The only time problems will end for me, is the day that I die. For now, I trudge on.

My grandmother used to say there are different paths to the stream. The writers at Cherwell, are young people, like me, who will one day, realize that there are different ways to achieving one’s dreams. The idea of that piece, is to cancel and ridicule me. They have succeeded in doing that.

The first message I received, when the article was published, was from my Canadian publisher, Bibi Ukonu, telling me, they will remove my book, The Strangers of Braamfontein from their list. It shocked me, honestly, because this is coming from a fellow Nigerian, someone I consider an elder brother, a confidant. I have shared more personal stories with him, than anyone. Infact, I have known him from my late teenage years or thereabouts. I have always loved and respected him. I consider him family. I remember attending his wedding, as a wide-eyed young person, dreaming then of my own wedding. For him, it is business, so he will throw me under the bus to protect his business. Because I am now a pariah dog.

Imagine I had not published The Strangers of Braamfontein by myself in the UK? I would be at the mercy of people and will be grovelling at their feet and crying for mercy. People want to distance themselves from me.

It is easy to cancel me, but the question is: to what gain? Where are the proofs that I hate women or disrespect them? I have more respect for women than anybody. The women around me, know this.

I have written a book, There Are No White People. Before that book was published, a wise man said to me: “They will bury you in England, because of that book. They will destroy you.” I still went ahead to publish it and that is what is happening. Before that, I published ‘The Real Owners of Britain.’

Cherwell News and The Telegrah refused to insert my responses, where I explained to them that I have been a professor before I came here. They didn’t want to publish it. They already made up their mind.

The world class writer, Chinua Achebe, was the founding editor of African Writers Series, under which Things Fall Apart appeared later. Would you describe that as self-publishing? Should I wait for a publisher my entire life, because I don’t want to be seen as self-published author?

The South African publisher, who was supposed to publish The Strangers of Braamfontein since 2021, will no longer publish it. They have not communicated to me, but they have informed those who pre-ordered the book. This is why it is important to take charge of your destiny.

What brought me to the University of Oxford, was an idea I shared with James Currey and he put me in touch with Professor Wale Adebanwi, who in turn, introduced me to Professor David Pratten and after weeks of forth and back, Professor Pratten informed me, that the proposal was approved. That on Monday, I would get an official letter for it. I received a letter, that I had now been approved as an Academic Visitor.

I received an Honorary Doctorate certificate from Queensland University in Haiti. Cherwell News decided to contact the University, but never mentioned in their article, the response they got. They had gone on to tell the Rector of the University, that I am a bad person. If you were running an investigation, there is a way to do that. Dismayed, the Rector became livid and sent a message that, I should ‘tear my certificate.’

In 2015, I was invited to the University of Manipur in India, as a Visiting Fellow, to teach. Here is the invitation.

Cherwell News wrote an article about a Nigerian, so it is sensational to sprinkle in words like, “fake” and “fraudulent” as captions, to elicit the responses they want from the world about Nigerians.

When my father died, I focused on getting responses from people, about funeral parties in Igbo land, which led to the publication of my play, “A Banquet for Pigs and Vultures.”

The termination of my Academic Visitorship at the University of Oxford and University of Cambridge, appears to people like I lost a job. No. I was not being paid. It was a platform to be seen as powerful, a platform to leverage on. That was why, many people came around me, to associate with power and prestige and when it was announced by Cherwell, I saw those people distancing themselves from me. What money and power can not do, does not exist!

Young people who hoped it happened to them, would be jubilating. Read again: I did not lose a job. I was not an employee of Oxford or Cambridge. I paid them. They didn’t pay me.

The only problem here is the accusation of misogyny and that students paid money to come for the event. The venue I used for this event, was paid for. It was not advertised as an event for students. Fans of the author came from cities like Liverpool. They had no issue coming for it. Another problem is the use of logo, which I apologized for and removed after I was asked to remove it.

David Hundeyin is not a character many people love and not many people love me, also, but I have received a lot of messages these few days, from the ones who love me, asking me to calm down and that everything will be okay.

The James Currey Literary Festival, which was organized last year, was so perfect that the University took pride in it and looked forward to the second edition.


Infact, when I applied for a Global Talent Visa, I approached Professor Miles Larmer, my academic advisor and he was gracious enough to write this beautiful recommendation for me:

Here is the true voice of the man I know. Not the one in the letter of termination.

I have apologized to the University and taken full responsibility for what happened, because I will never blame anyone for my failure.

When I told the Lord Mayor of Oxford, James Fry about my termination, he asked: “ What is your current situation?” I told him I will continue from where I stopped, which is, to focus on my writing. I have a new book, The Nigerian Mafia: Mumbai, which comes out in a few weeks.

I also want people to share this piece of mine, as wide as they shared the reportage from Cherwell News, but I doubt they would, because bad news travels so fast.

What is the bad news, the arrogant and cocky Onyeka Nwelue has been found to be a ‘fake Professor’ and has been sacked by Oxford and Cambridge.

The Spanish word for teacher, is ‘profesor’ and the French word for teacher, is ‘professeur,’ but I never claimed I was a ‘Professor’ at the University of Oxford or Cambridge. What will remain in my CV, eternally, is Academic Visitor, University of Oxford from 2021 – 2023 and Visiting Scholar, University of Cambridge from 2022 – 2023. Nothing more than that but I can see the university has begun to remove links that have my name from their websites!

Thank you!

Onyeka Nwelue

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