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    Omotola Shares Loved Up With Her Husband To Celebrate 27 Years Of Marital Bliss

    Nollywood Actress, Omotola “omosexy” shares loved up photo with her husband as she celebrates marriage anniversary and 27years together.

    I remember when Omotola Jalade’s kids attended my Primary School, the way Parents and Teachers criticized her eh, “She doesn’t wear pant , She doesn’t take care of her kids” blah blah blah.

    Now that I am looking at it, I feel they were all Jealous of her.
    Omotola was ”That HOT CAREER DRIVEN MOM” .

    Maybe they expected her to stop acting, I dunno, but as far back as I can remember, they judged Omotola .
    Back then being an actress meant “Prostitution” and married actresses were harshly judged.

    Today, Women who are like Omotola are now celebrated and almost everybody wants to be an actress.

    What a shift in our timeline!

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