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“E Choke”-Singer Davido Purchases Lamborghini Worth Over 900 Million Naira

Singer Davido who is known for his Flamboyant lifestyle has allegedly purchase a Lamborghini worth over 900 million naira.

Lamborghini, a luxury car brand known for it’s sleek design, high speed and high price tag, so it’s no surprise the singer went for it.

As seen in a photo, the luxurious car has a customized USA plate number with an inscription which reads “E choke”.

The phrase “E choke” has become a popular slang used by Davido and his fans to express excitement or amazement. It is believed that the singer coined the phrase and has made it popular through his music and social media presence.

However, Davido has not yet confirmed the purchase of the Lamborghini but the photos of the car and tags on his Instagram handle suggest that the news is true.


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