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    Nigerians Are Not Special

    I think as a people, we suffer from superiority complex. We somehow think we are special. We think we are the best and we think we are the smartest.

    The unfortunate reason for this is our focal/location point on the planet. We have the most populated country in our continent. Unfortunately, the Sub Sahara isn’t necessarily producing geniuses in other countries. They are worst than us which made us translate it into us being ‘super smart’. We are leading in the music and movie scenes on this part of the continent.

    That’s why Charles Jaja-Sackey made a post letting us know there is no Nigerian spirit. Someone once said you will find an Igbo man anywhere money can be made in the world. Guess what? You will find an Indian man there too. Even international labor organizations have consistently released data that shows Indians are amongst the most hardworking globally.

    Anywhere you find a Nigerian man, you will find a Chinese man, an India man, a Vietnamese man, a Malaysian man and a man from Philippines.

    We are not special. And until we understand this fact, we won’t sit up. We are not special. Like everyone on earth, we are doing all we can to survive despite bad leadership.

    My post is because someone commented on instablog saying UK can not survive without Nigerian students. Lool. And so many liked the comment and responded to it.

    My initial thought is the person who wrote this has never traveled out of Nigeria before. Most Nigerians who have travelled and returned understand how very unspecial we are with our passport.

    Because there is no way in hell or heaven that you have travelled or visited the UK before and make a foolish statement like UK can not survive without Nigerians. Huuh? Are Pakistanis and Indians and Bangladesh people a joke to you.

    Apart from Peckham, do you have huge communities dominated exclusively by Nigerians with Nigerian run businesses, teachers etc?

    We are just catching up with what the Indians started to do in the 80’s and 90’s.

    Again, I’m not saying we are not smart. I am just saying we are not special. That delusion needs to end. Because people who think they are special always assume everything would work in their favor due to this.

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