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    As A Small Business Owner On Social Media, Everyday Is Fishing Day


    Dear small business owner like myself, where is your fishing net?

    As a small business owner who understands the power of this internet and this social media, everyday is fishing day.

    How? You might ask.

    Everyday, you should attract no less than 20 to 50 or even more people to hear about your business.


    This is what they call Lead Generation.

    Lead Generation is the process of attracting people to your business, so that when they come, you do other things that increases their interest in your business, then they buy from you over time.

    All of us small business owners are required to become fishermen.

    We should cast our fishing net into the waters of the internet and social media everyday and catch fish.

    In simple English, everyday, we should do things that brings LEADS to us.

    So Madam Chioma, give us a list of things that brings Leads to small businesses.

    Oya see the list below.

    But before I give you list, hold ya ear.

    Hold ya two ears and listen very well.

    For you to effectively catch leads for your business, you have to choose 1 or 2 or 3 from the list and stay consistent with it.

    You cannot do everything as a small business owner.

    Choose the one that you can do, based on your personality, your finances, your platform preference and other reasons.

    Here is the list:

    1. Facebook Organic
    2. Facebook Ads
    3. Instagram Organic
    4. Instagram ads
    5. Tiktok
    6. LinkedIn
    7. Referrals
    8. Blogging/SEO
    9. Speaking events
    10. Signage/Banner
    11. Google search
    12. YouTube
    13. Collaborations
    14. YouTube
    15. Speaking events

    This is the list of places or methods where small businesses can get 20 to 50 or more leads everyday.

    It is only the person who is smoking serious ganja that doesn’t know that lead generation is a MUST for every small business.

    You know why?

    Because over 90% of sales never happen instantly.

    From the day a person hears about your business, till the day he first buys from you, there is a lot that has to happen.

    So, let me ask you – Where do you cast your fishing net everyday?

    Mine is Number 1 and 2 – Facebook Organic and Facebook Ads.
    I recently started Number 8 – Blogging/SEO

    My friend Nelly is majorly Number 3 and 13
    Instagram Organic and Collaborations with Banks/Big brands

    Which one is your own?

    How are you catching your own leads everyday?

    You don’t know?

    You are busy trying to copy everyone?

    Ah!!!! You better stay one place and choose your own o.

    Even me, I didn’t copy my best friend o.
    I choose my own o.

    Go through the list, deceide on where you know how to fish, weave a strong net and catch your fishes everyday.

    This is how we sell everyday.

    We generate leads, we nurture the leads, then they buy from us.

    It is a continuous, never-ending process.

    By the way, this post, will also bring me some new leads.

    Let me stop here.

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