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    Nigerians Are Very Insecure

    In Nigeria, we are an insecure society because we don’t care for our neighbors or the truth.

    You spend money on a lavish burial so people don’t laugh or think you are poor.

    You borrow money for a lavish wedding, feeding and entertaining strangers.

    Who are you deceiving?

    You borrow money to go abroad for childbirth and you think we are a normal people.

    I don’t go to these events; the last time I went to a burial, I was taking mental stock of the people who were eating ‘burial rice’ without remorse, one woman complained bitterly to the  daughter of the deceased, apparently she had ‘ignored’ her while serving pounded yam and ‘afia efere ebod!’

    You can’t let a bereaved family grieve in peace because you are greedy and corrupt.

    Corruption is an attitude and if you can go to demand pounded yam from a grieving person with such temerity, you can take bribes with a mindless efficiency.

    Don’t be insecure in an attempt to please the Nigerian society, don’t impress anyone, life is short for a reason- so you can live your life for yourself to the fullest.

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