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    My Market Runs Today

    I finally went to the market for the first time since moving to Lagos and omooooooooo. I went to not one BUT 2!

    Normally, my domestic staff goes to the market every week. She gets market list on Thursday and goes to the market on Saturday.

    But I wanted to stock up on seafood this week and since my sister is around, I thought we’d make an adventure of it. So when my help asked for list yesterday, I told her not to bother.

    Because you people said I should go to Makoko Fish Market for seafood, we went there this morning. Guys, seafood IS FVCKING EXPENSIVE!

    Chineke leee

    Sha we bought

    1. Ngolo. The biggest ngolo I’ve seen in my life. Big pass snails
    2. Clams
    3. Baracuda
    4. Red snapper
    5. Big oporo
    6. Small oporo

    I didn’t see periwinkle but thankfully, I have one painter back home.
    We wanted to get snails but only 2 people carry snails come and they were ridiculously expensive. The POS guy told us to go to oyingbo for snails that oyingbo wasn’t far off. We took his advice and went there cos I really wanted to buy snails.

    Ladies and the gender that rxpe pet goats, that was the best decision ever. There was a longggg section dedicated to just snails. Over 20 sellers. We bought 100 pieces of snails. I was so happy.

    So from oyingbo we got

    1. Snails
    2. Carton of chicken
    3. Pineapple
    4. Mangoes
    5. Avocado pears
    6. Onions
    7. Udara

    And that was how our marketing today went. I am not looking forward to this ordeal again.

    PS: my sister reminded me that there is always something to do. The place we bought fish, the sellers don’t cut or clean it. There is a section where dozens of women clean, descale and cut fish. You pay them and they cut and clean for you.

    Same thing with the snails. They have people who deshell, halve, and wash with alum there in the market.
    Onwero ihe na aburo oru.

    And that was how my day went. I don finally go market. My ajeboness has reduced.
    2500 well spent🤛

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