The Preacher’s Daughter

She tore her laps with razor whenever she got depressed, she was a pastor’s daughter!

Her father was a general overseer alongside her mum who was a prophetess….

The marks on her body was attributed to the activities of witchcraft, maybe they were right!

The “wizards” in her classes emotionally taunted her for sexually getting involved with them!

She silently sought for solace in the arms of her mother who played the role of a religious prophetess to her…..

Whenever she behaved strange, they booked her for deliverance…..

She could identify the activities of witches but couldn’t identify the activities of an emotional damaged child…..

She didn’t know that child wasn’t just a pastor’s kid but now a “whisk” kid!

She had found solace in alcohol at 15 but was never found missing in bible studies.

She attended every prayer meeting but had no prayer life.

She knew everything about the church of God but knew nothing about the God of the church.

Our parts crossed and she had every “reasonable” reason to give into suicide.

Her laps were bruised just like her soul was!

I said these few words to her; No matter the fierceness of attack from an opponent, a lioness Nevers bows her head in shame!

Absence of battles never makes a champion, it is the number of conquered battles that does!

I’m glad the battle met you as a child, now you are gonna heal, grow and become resilient, daring and courageous!

Now, to every parent I write; your kids might not meet another NDUKWE FAVOUR in their lives….

Some young girls who gave into prostitution simply decided to monetize the sexual abuse they faced as kids!

When puberty strikes, teach them what a condom is because I’m not sure my words would have done much if it was a Virus scene…

Don’t just buy what you feel they need, ask them what they need you might be shocked to hear it’s just a hug🤕

Make them your best friend, know when she’s developing a crush for a guy in her class and ask him to come home same goes with the boys

It sounds weird right?
Trust me, it would save you alot of emotional embarrassments!

Finding out would be a task because you hit them when they say small truths, how do they get to tell you big truths?

When a child gives into suicide, the pain is transferred to those alive because it dawns on you that your absence was felt in your presence 🤕

What the warm hands of parenting rejects the cold hands of death will embrace🤕

Ndukwe otuomasirichi Favour

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