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    My Experience In A Keke Ride

    Yesterday I went for a Child’s dedication. And took Keke for a drop, vehicles,bikes was really scares and people were much.

    In every junction we pass by, you’ll count about 50plus, people standing, begging for a ride, attachment and so” We got to a particular junction and I saw a man with his 3kids and a pregnant wife running after one coaster, before the pregnant wife could reach there
    I guess it was already filled up. I felt for her and i asked the Keke driver to stop so we can help them,if only they’re going my way

    He stopped and asked them. Luckily for them,we were going the same way

    The man quickly pushed his children inside the Keke, pushed one to go to the front

    I tried as much as i could to adjust ,just for that space to contain the pregnant wife and his two children since one has gone to the front
    I only wanted the woman to feel comfortable

    The next thing I heard from the man was

    Him> Madam adjust nah,shift abeg,na the same money you pay I go still pay

    Me>But sir I’ve squeezed myself so badly

    Him>Madam shift

    Me>Kept mute

    The next thing he did was to tell his wife to shift to the other side,so he can come to my side

    This man came there,and sat on my leg”saying that since I don’t want to adjust that I’ll do that by force

    He pushed me and sat as he pleases, telling me to go and seat as I want in my sitting room if only I’ve anyπŸ˜‚

    When we moved,the Keke guy started telling him that I took him for a drop and not for public. That I decided to help them bcs of his pregnant wife and children,he told him that I saw how they run after the coaster and everything

    Immediate the man became very cold” he couldn’t say a word anymore

    He was so ashamed of himself that he started begging me,his wife was telling him in Igbo language that he doesn’t know how to control himself on certain things in the public πŸ˜’

    The wife apologized,but the man was still cold

    When we got to where they alighted. He still apologized again and I told him it fine.

    The Keke man told me that I’m calm enough to tolerate what the man did

    I smiled and told him that it nothing to compare what I see on the road on a daily basis πŸ˜†

    I’m use to it,once you don’t beat me
    I’ll tolerate it
    Na good girl I be🀣🀣🀣

    Immediately the Keke guy laughed so loud 🀣,the good girl side triggered him I guess

    But I got to my destination safely and happy. And the dedication went smoothly

    Lesson…Learn not to show some of your dirty attitudes in the public πŸ˜’
    Learn not to say something’s, because you don’t know who your helper is.

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