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    What Other African Countries Can Learn From Nigeria’s Entertainment Industry

    It’s now becoming clearer by day that the success of Nigerian Entertainment Industry is not attributed to the hugeness of their population as many have always said. Their huge population cannot, entirely be taken off the equation of their advancement ahead of other African countries, there’s however a lot of glaring reasons to their success.

    Every aspect of their Entertainment is booming; Music, Movie, Comedy/skit making, Influencing etc.

    Their secret not far fetched; it is just the support they have for one another. The collaborative effort they put behind one another’s work.

    The comedians with their huge numbers don’t allow the musicians do promotion for their music all alone. They take the promotion personally as though they songs were theirs.

    Kizz Daniel’s song “My G” is a clear example of this analogy. When it became internet sensation overnight because of his huge body guide, almost every comedian jumped on the trend. They were cashing out whilst making the song popular for Kizz Daniel to also Cash out. They even featured his body in most skits making him earn millions of Naira as well. When everyone is winning, no one becomes jealous.

    NASBOI’s recent song is another clear indication of their selflessness in seeing one another progress. Almost every comedian have jumped on it. NASBOI is cashing out through it whilst they are also making it. It’s currently the most Shamzamed song in Nigeria.

    Is this unity self support for one another as a result of their population? 😊

    I don’t think this kind of unity can be said about any other African country..

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