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    My Aunty’s experience on UK haunted houses

    Those houses come with nice offers and nice surroundings.

    She left for the UK in 2006 as a Nurse. She lived in a studio apartment for over 4years before bringing her husband and kids to join her.

    She bought a house surrounded by a beautiful garden and flower trees.

    She never imagined she could get a house for such an amount. Heard her telling my mom that it was a miracle.

    That week her family came over,  and she was on night duties. She moved into the new house and hasn’t slept there.

    She finished her nights on the day her family arrived UK.

    Her family touched down in the UK.
    After the welcome excitement and exhaustion, they slept off around 11 pm hoping to start unpacking the next day.

    A few minutes past 1 o’clock,  they started hearing the fierce cry of a newborn.

    The cry woke all of them up. 
    They started searching the whole house to find out where the cry was coming from but saw nothing. They fired and prayed. The cry stopped at 4 am. It was not funny.

    In the morning,  they searched the whole yard to see if someone abandoned a baby but nothing was found.

    The next night, the cry started again exactly by few minutes past 1 am and stopped by 4 am.
    The same thing happened for 4 days.  Hoping that the crying baby would get tired but nothing changed. They exhausted their blood of Jesus 50yrs bundle in 4 days.

    They thought those things only happened in Africa and Nigeria. Omo, she went back to her studio apartment and renewed her rent.

    They packed in and had a good sleep.
    They looked up the first owners of that house,  the real owners got  Australian citizenship and changed their names.

    What made owners run and even change names?

    Her kids still have PTSD,  though they are adults now.

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