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    Mercy Eke Is A Finalist! Pere, Angel, Soma Adekunle And Venita Are Up For Eviction

    The final Nominations of the season and reasons for nominating.

    Cee c – SOMA – for voting to remove her from the HFM task the one she said the Judiciary is the body that makes laws in Nigeria then ADEKUNLE for accusing her falsely of writing the letter ✍️

    Adekunle – Soma and angel – because they are one of the strongest individuals in the house ✍️

    Pere – Adekunle and Venita No particular reason they just came to his mind ✍️

    Angel – Adekunle and Venita – I think they will nominate me as well ✍️

    Cross – Angel and soma ……I don’t think angel wanted me to get my Immunity ..and soma hasn’t been up before✍️

    Venita – Soma and Pere soma because he hasn’t stood …and Pere cos he’s healthy and good competition✍️

    Soma – Pere and Mercy ……. Because mercy has won the show before and one of the strongest …Pere is a finalist and strong ✍️

    Mercy eke – Angel and Venita ….I have never conspired against angel…but I was lying down and heard her tell pere to put me up ……*Crying * 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭…And Venita because she has nominated me before…and she will nominate me again…..and after now am done with Thier friendship ….. Friendship in the Pot0poto 💩✍️

    Illebaye H👑H -….Sama and Angel – because they decieved me …when we decided not to nominate each other they went and nominated me ✍️

    Housemates up for Final Nominations ✍️👇

    MERCY EKE IS A Finalist.

    Also CeeC, Ilebaye and Cross are also in the finals.

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