Can We Ever Get Players Like Messi And Ronaldo Again?

Forget my trolling.

We will surely miss these guys when they leave football.

One, has a football IQ that is unmatched in football history. Even players like Platini and Cryuff no reach. I don’t know any footballer that understands the movement of the human waist like he does.

I don’t know any player capable of scanning all positions of all teammates and opposing players continuously, adjusting and re-adjusting his strategy on the fly.

The other has such doggedness, raw fire power and instincts that we may not see again in our time. Instincts and doggedness that has helped him sail on foreign waters.

A dependable goal scorer and an inspiration to me wey be programmer.

Each strong and capable in their own fort.

I’m happy I’ve followed up on every action of their 16 years + rivalry.

I want my child to have the IQ of Messi and the doggedness and instincts of Ronaldo.

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