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    Malaria blues

    So I had to restrain myself to bed under blanket and all with this slight headache lingering somewhere. I hate this type of headache, you send a little probe down to find out where it hurts and come up with nothing as it is too minute to be detected by the probe but enough to feel. 

    This afternoon, I got to know what being alone was about.. I wanted to buy meds and food (cooking is too much of a chore) and these two crazy “sons of wobe” that are usually around and do such were nowhere to be found. Apparently, they are processing a loan of 100k from some micro-finance group. They had asked me to stand as surety but lai lai, I am not about to buy anybody’s loan if they default. What do they need 100k for sef? I hope this ends well sha. Hian. 

    So I needed to buy meds and food, both of them were gone and I was looking like I would die soon. I stepped outside and thankfully, there was this young neighbor. I was eating my rice with minimal stew when they both came in with their usual noise. Seems the loan application has been signed and they will be getting the money tomorrow(today). Lawd, I cannot pay anybody’s loan ooooo. These boys should not even dream it too cos I will pack a bag and travel to Abeokuta (or Ibadan) if poo hits the fan. A good thing they know I travel at 10 minute notice. 

    So I used my meds yesterday afternoon, and I was supposed to take it in the night too but after a dinner of fried potatoes, I had my meds brougt and……i slept off. So I will just pop em this morning and hope no one notices. 

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