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    Living Life (A Short Story)

    Lightning and thunder outside, the bellowing wind like gale forces and hitting the window planes to make those whistling sounds that makes them seem like more than they really are. The sky darkened by the cover of the gathered cloud, darkened from the light of the sun. Electricity out as the wind has knocked out a couple of power poles, it this were some South Western American state, you’d think it was a hurricane.

    More lightning and the ever associated thunder, more rain as the floodgates opened and little ponds of water gathere everywhere. This is not what the weather man had said but it is what it is. This is the Tropical rain forest and the rains has “right of way”. A gust of wind hits the house and the whistling of the window got a little more intense. The curtains flew apart as a direct result of the force of the wind even though the windows were locked.

    Francis laid on the bed curled up like a millipede in the face of an impending danger. Goose pimple break on his skin as a result of the cold which came with the wind but he did not reach for his blanket. He was cold outside but inside him felt like the engine room of a coal powers locomotive. His eyes wide opened but he was not seeing anything. All thoughts focused on on thing and that thing is what’s making him heat up inside.

    His minds travelled and like the chain reaction from a nuclear generating plant it links several events together at the same time. Zeus plagues the sky with another bolt of lightning and three seconds came thunder but the sound did not bring him back. He always though life was not fair but right now life seemed to be the only thing he had left.

    How could he have so much and yet mean so little. His mind raced to Pocahontas and the quote he always ignored “You can own the earth and still, all you’ll own is earth….” He has been a hard worker all this time for the company. He had acted like a clock which had battery hence did not stop moving. He had hoped to use the company as a stepping stone to greater things and also a learning process so he poured his all. He focused his strength both inner and outer and like the wind outside his window, he was consistent but it seems all that does not work.

    Not in a perverted society. Not in a society where hard work is despised and an upright human is more to be despised than appreciated. He took no bribe, gave none. Acted out the company’s interest but he how was he paid back? The MD’s daughter came back from SA and the MD asked that he resigns so she can take up the job. When he was told he stood there and waiting for the joke to be called or him waking up from the dream but neither happened.

    He was packing his things into a box was what he knew next. This is the hand life has dealt him. He was faithful and yet the light was snuffed out. He never asked for a raise or promotion but he was asked to leave for someone who for all he knows can’t even handle it. He wondered of the daughter would have been interested 2 years ago when the job was silly and he had to pick the pieces, go without wage for 3 months just to bring it together.

    How humans forget. How memory sublimes from being in your face to it being a myth. How goodness is turned into something that is expected yet not rewarded. How unfair and wrong. In his mind, revenge ran through it, his pain and anger allowing him go down that path. But he knew he wont follow through. A part of him wanted the company to crash, another part though does not. Too much work, the wind blows again and filled the room with cold air from whence no one can phantom. Zeus plagues the skies with lightning and you can’t hold back the thunder.

    You can’t hold back life. You can only live it

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