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    Lady Narrates Her Experiences Staying In A Shared Apartment As A Student Living In The Uk

    About staying in a shared apartment in the UK.

    My case is different because I’m staying in an ensuite with just 3 other Flatmates. All ensuite.

    Another good thing is that the rent is bills inclusive.

    I always tell people who ask me to PLEASE get an ensuite, and ensure you aren’t sharing the flat with more than 3 other people. A 3/4 bedroom ensuite is a good deal, unless you’re financially capable for a studio apartment.

    This scenario highlighted in this tweet, Lord knows I would have moved out. On arrival last year, I signed a 6 months contract but stayed for a year because I discovered I got a good deal with the apartment. The landlady recently gave me and another flatmate a new contract to sign because we’re staying an extra school year. We chose to sign up for another 6 months, pending when we decide if to remain in our location or move to another county, but as long as we’re currently in this location, our apartment is still the best bet for us.

    Only issue I’ve been facing is kitchen issues. I once had a flatmate who kept using out pot. Myself and a female Nigerian flatmate combined money to buy some kitchen utensils. We got to have a male Nigerian flatmate. This particular guy has finished the life of our non-stick utensils. We got tired of complaining. Sometimes we I would get back from work and want to do a quick cooking. I won’t find my pots. I would call him. He’ll pick on the 4th ring only because I used a different number. I would have to wait for him to come home to bring out MY POTS from his room/cabinet. Me and my female flatmate that owns the utensils has never taken them to our rooms or put in our individual cabinets. But you that’s not the owner would not wash after use, and still leave them dírty in your room 😩.

    Another flatmate issue we had was a lady who had 2 friends that were almost like additional Flatmates because they were were always around 24/7. An apartment for 4 became an apartment for 6. The kitchen was a regular méss despite it getting cleaned once weekly by the cleaning lady. I had to learn to stop telling them to clean up.

    Fortunately, the guy who uses my kitchen utensils and the lady with a thousand friends moved out. We were relieved until a guy moved in early this year. This recent guy and me are always clâshing. In fact just last week we had an hé@ted exchange. He méssés up the kitchen so bad. And I’ve never seen a more bóssy individual in my life!. He acts like the apartment is a studio apartment for him alone. Uncle, you for rent studio, you kon dey share apartment with other people. Him mata long, I don’t have the strength to go into details.

    Lord knows when I eventually leave, I’d either get a 2 bedroom apartment with the female flatmate I share utensils with, or I get a studio apartment. I CANNOT stay in a shared apartment anymore. I do not have it in me to go through Flatmates stréss in a new location.

    Just imagine it was a shared toilet/bathroom with these people, I would have MOVED out immediately my contract had expired.

    As you’re coming to the UK, if you dey manage money and have no choice than to stay in a shared apartment that isn’t an ensuite, please try not to sign more than a 3 month contract. That’s the only way you would stay s@ne till you move out.

    And please do not forget that all bills inclusive for rent is the best deal.

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