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Kcee Graces Ojazzy’s Birthday Party

One thing about me is: if you do good, I praise you; if you do bad, I criticise you. That’s not hypocrisy or not standing one place, but calling a spade, a spade.

I am wondering why the media is quiet since Kcee Limpopo has called himself to an order and begin to appreciate Ojazzy’s talent. I will be a hypocrite if I criticised Kcee for not doing it, now seeing him doing it, I keep quiet.

This is Ojazzy’s birthday bath preparation, Kcee Limpopo graced it. This is good to see. This alone is enough boost for the boy and it will indeed place him on the wheel of success.

You may not understand.

This boy called Ọjazzy is not ordinary. When I mean not being ordinary, I am talking about the kind of gift he has. It’s like a pregnant woman, hand doesn’t cover pregnancy. It takes deep people to recognize deep people.

Thank God for social media. Thank God also for the uproar. Everything happened for his good.

The boy is now being celebrated the way it should. Onye gbaa ball, ọ rachaa oroma.

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