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    Joe Igbokwe, The Accidental House Negro


    By Charles Ogbu.

    Reading Joe Igbokwe’s tales of his personal wars and woes, I was left wondering whether to simply pause and die laughing or die crying.  In his bid to prove to Maazi Nnamdi Kanu that he is not a slave, he ended up writing the story of his long years of slavery to the Tinubu dynasty.

    How poetically ironic!!

    He was called a hungry Lagos slave and he responded by listing his long years of “serving” Tinubu for 8 years, Fashola for 8 years and Ambode for 2 years and still counting. And how he got married and had all his kids in Lagos after abject poverty left him traumatized for years. In all his sordid tales, he didn’t mention anyway his Lagos sojourn benefited his Nnewi hometown. He made mention of no tangible record of achievement. All he regaled us with was his long years of serving Tinubu and Sons Nigeria limited.

    Should we now crown him the longest serving Lagos servant??

    All the people with whom he served Tinubu are now Masters, yet, Igbokwe is still serving. And he already recruited his innocent children into a life of eternal servitude. #shame!

    When a real Igbo man serves a master, he get settled at the end of the agreed term. We Igbos don’t serve in perpetuity.

    When will servant Igbokwe get settled by his Masters?????

    The joke is on him but the bigger joke is that he didn’t even realise it.

    And how come our Lagos chief servant forgot to include his long years of service to the dubious prophet of Baal, the late Edward Okeke popularly known as Eddy Nawgwu????  Ah! He wasn’t proud of that aspect of his “servantship”, was he?

    Joe Igbokwe is not a slave merely because he admitted being a servant all his life.


    He is a slave because he believes that at his old age, long years of serving other people was all there is to life.

    Indeed, slavery is more psychological than physical. It is a thing of the mind. Once a man’s mind is captured and his thought process enslaved, forget it, such a man is no longer an ordinary slave. He is now the biggest asset the slave master has. To him, his chain is now a beautiful bracelet. For a piece of cake, he will remain eternally grateful to his master even when it was him who designed the recipe for the damn cake and got all it takes to bake the cake himself and feed the multitude.

    And like a typical “House Negro”, Igbokwe felt he was under some kind of spiritual compulsion not to sing songs of praises for Lagos without singing songs of contempt and disdain for Nnewi, his own home. The Lagos chief servant never bothered to ask why Lagos seaport has remained the only functional seaport in the country. Why is Onitsha port or any other port in the old Eastern region not working??? This all important question never crossed his mind.

    The entire production process in the East has been emasculated by satanic federal govt policies aimed at keeping the people of the old Eastern region in perpetual state of poverty. Those Igbos who stayed behind to develop Ala-Igbo and have succeeded in carving a niche for themselves despite these business-crippling policies are the real heroes.

    For Igbokwe, the current privileged position his slave masters have gifted him with is all that matters. The generality of Ndigbo can go to hell.

    Make no mistakes, there are a million and one Joe Igbokwes who have succeded in fraudulently acquiring the garbs of Igbo patriots. To them, Nnamdi Kanu’s Biafra agitation is unacceptable, not because they believe Nigeria is a better alternative but because they fear that the current agitation will deprive them of the privileges they currently enjoy in Nigeria.

    Whenever you hear any Igbo man attack (not criticize) Kanu and the Biafra agitation even without condemning the long years of institutionalised injustices and other criminalities of the Caliphate-controlled Nigeria state against Ndigbo, which provoked and has continued to not only fuel but legitimize the agitation, just know that that is another Joe Igbokwe talking.

    Waste not your valuable time engaging such a person. He’s not deserving of even your silence.

    Look them in the eye and say to them, Nnamdi Kanu is fighting for his freedom and that of his people, what are you fighting for?? What alternative are you offering?????

    No man, no matter how powerful, can make a private bargain with history.

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