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    If I was not a Christian

    This comment

    What can you expect From filthy little heathens? 
    Their whole disgusting race is like a curse 
    Their skin’s a hellish red
    They’re only good when dead
    They’re vermin, as I said

    And this

    This is what we feared The paleface is a demon The only thing they feel at all is greed
    Beneath that milky hide There’s emptiness inside:
    I wonder if they even bleed

    These two comment were lifted from a song by in the Walt Disney animated movie “Pocahontas”. At least the Indians had reasons to hate the settlers as they really did not trust them and the settlers too, well we can argue that they had reasons to hate the natives since they have had a bad experience with them in previous encounters so who do we really blame?

    I have been the subject/victim of so many tribal discrimination, I am beginning to think it is my fault and so I decided to take a step back to access myself. See why I seem to be the one of tribal attacks and discriminations. I am not talking of the bullcrap some brainless slowpokes write online but offline.

    I have been at the receiving end of decades of mental conditioning and people whose mind have been turned against their own friends just because they are of a certain tribe. I wonder at some point and make comments like Mario Balloteli “Why always me?”

    Pastor Chris once,said “Problems gravitate towards their solutions” I’d be damned if I believe that. But why me, I have had doors shut, people insult me to my face, denied friendship, denied humor, denied support and love (or chances of a future with someone) all because of some stupid war which I was not even born when the fight was going down.

    I don’t get the deal with the civil war, the thing was fought by people who were senseless on both sides, it was lost by both sides and none of them realized their stupidity (even until now) but instead of the parties admitting they lost, all the mofos involved in the war found a better way to fight the war: spread hate among their kids so the silliness continues and the seed of their own madness, impatience, callousness, greed, poor judgment, wickedness and insecurity grow on their worthless graves while we remember them as heroes and legends.

    Yes I have stories of the war and I know my heroes. They include Wole Soyinka who went with his friends to take over a radio station so he can broadcast the inhumanity of the madness they called a war to the world.

    My grandma who hid people from the other side from the authorities in Lagos just because she did not see the sense behind them being arrested. Hell were we not fighting to keep the country together?

    I remember a certain soldier who decided not to shoot at civilians against his superior’s commands. 

    Those are the heroes not the fucktards who have seem to ride on an almost genocide into fame and popularity. It is the stories of those heroes we should tell our young generations not the tales from half thinking swine who called themselves leaders but are fast enough to cut supplies including food, to people just because they are not friends (is that even correct according to his own culture? I think Oduduwa will spit in his grave at the thought of his offspring doing that).

    Not moronic cowards like the fool who dragged a people not ready for a fight into a fight he could neither win nor ready to die for. If he so believed he should have stayed to the end.

    Not the generals who molested women they should be protecting or bringing back. Yet here we are, spewing hate at ourselves and discriminating against those who are innocent of this bullcrap.

    To every one, the civil was is over. It was fought by selfish and unreasonable men and women some of who are not fit to be called human. You can choose to follow them in them in their lousy hatred and burn the whole country down or we can move on and be what we are…..Human beings.

    Another tribal rant by me eh? Can you blame me? I am tired of being insulted by mofos cos I am not from their tribe and hence don’t deserve their trust and at the same time, those who say they are my brothers insult me because I choose to preach peace and togetherness to them and also fraternize with “The other people”

    If I wasn’t a Christian

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